Some weird cooldowns

I am experiencing some weird cooldown behaviour. I got almost 10% CDR from guardian ranks and 24% from an item.

When outside of combat, I can maintain 100% of skill uptime between barrier (dome) and clone. But when I fight vaultwarden, I can not achieve 100% uptime.
The cooldown seems to be longer. I activate one of the skills outside of combat, and about 2 or 3 seconds after it finishes, I see the 5 second count down. When I do it in the fight, it takes like 6 or 7 seconds to appear the 5 seconds count down.

I checked the mh3 modifiers and there was nothing there, altho it still shouldnt be different between inside or outside combat.

I realized this late yesterday, so I havent been able to test it fighting other enemies than vaultwarden.

Any idea of why this is happening?

Your shields got damaged so Topped Off Guardian perk that reduces cooldowns by a huge margin is not working anymore.
There’s also another bug where when you respec your cooldowns keep on stacking. You respec, go to Warden, have huge cooldowns. Exit game, cooldowns are back to normal again.

If you mean Adrenaline I dont have those perks.

Without exiting the game, I had bigger cooldowns while fighting him and smaller cooldowns after the fight.

In doing some Cooldown testing lately, I’ve been experiencing much the same thing, and have very similar Cooldown Reduction stats/gear to your own.

Mathematically, and using a very basic Cooldown formula, I would expect a 34% Cooldown Reduction to return something like the following times:

28/(1+0.34) = 20.89 seconds total cooldown

24/(1+0.34) = 17.91 seconds total cooldown

Using these rough figures, if you trigger the Digi-Clone first (for example), and with no duration buffs active, it lasts 15 seconds, then should be on cooldown for nearly 21. Triggering Barrier as soon as the clone disappears, means it will be active for 14 seconds, leaving 7 seconds of downtime waiting for the Digi-Clone Cooldown to be ready again. Similarly, triggering Barrier first lasts 14 seconds, then it cools down for almost 18, leaving 3 seconds downtime after the 15 second duration of Digi-Clone.

I’m finding that in non-combat situations, particularly in Sanctuary, and with the same gear/skills, there is no downtime at all, and the Action Skills can be triggered pretty much consecutively.

There could be all sorts of reasons for this. Perhaps the Cooldown mechanics are bugged in non-combat situations; or specific cooldown applications from GR, skills, or gear might be off somewhere.

Definitely seems to be a bug however, even if it doesn’t affect your combat performance adversely. From what you’ve said, the values you’re getting in combat seem about right, while those in non-combat are the wonky ones.

There are other posts on these forums noting similar issues with other characters too, so it’s not just Zane in this scenario I think.

Edit: The final figures were correct in my math, but a typo meant I’d used the wrong sign in one instance. Fixed now.


Thanks for the info.

Maybe they just added a hidden increased cooldown recovery outside of combat so you dont have to wait that much before engaging.

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You’re welcome for the info, though the answer has me a bit baffled too.

I’d be surprised if the choice was intentional, but it’s certainly possible I guess.

It does make testing a real PITA though. :smiley:

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They probably have a special rule set for sanctuary. You also don’t pay respawn costs of you die in Sanctuary.


I was not in sanctuary when the cooldowns were shorter. I tested it right after killing vaultward. I had tried the cooldowns before the fight and realized I had 100% uptime on skills (alternating between both). So when I didnt have 100% uptime during the fight, I tested it right after I finished. In combat I had more cooldown than outside of combat.
But the value closer to what the tooltips say is the longer cooldown during the fight, like @Maximum_Jackson explained, so it’s not something working against us.


Hm, i remember there was a game that shortened cooldowns outside of combat, I think it’s the elder scrolls online maybe. But it’s a mechanic that makes a lot of sense

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There’s no cooldowns in elder scrolls online.

Topped Off comes from Guardian Rank and reduces cooldowns when shields are full. As you wrote that you have 10% CDR from Guardian Rank it is very likely that you got Topped Off, which is active as soon as you spend 50 Hunter Tokens.


Then what was it? I wonder. It’s not destiny as far as I remember, Diablo 3 neither. I’ve played too much mmorpgs goddammit

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Oh I didnt even realize there was a skill like that in the guardian ranks. I pretty sure have it.

With 10% cooldown reduction from guardian ranks, you’re already half the way, so depending on how much luck aso you’ve skilled it’s very likely


I avoid luck, but I have every perk except both at the bottom of the middle and right tree. So yeah.


For what it’s worth, and although I currently have Topped Off too, I noticed the same thing with cooldowns before I got it also. :+1:

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You are sure that you did not noti ce cooldown shenanigans after respeccing? That is pretty much bugged as well (you basically have to respec and then quit to make sure it’s working as it should). For me cooldowns are exactly the same irregardless on combat. It only changes when I take damage.

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Nope, it was right after the fight, during the fight, and right after the fight. Without respecs, and in 2 conecutive vaultwarden kills

Well, you can test it pretty simply: Go to the droughts, shoot a skag, run away and look if the cooldowns change (you aren’t using Infiltrator mod by any chance?), when you can be pretty sure to not have gotten any damage.

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No, Im using the binary clone class mod.
I will test this against other enemies than vaultwarden, I found out pretty late yesterday and Im working now.

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