Some Zane buff ideas, please tell me your thoughts

First off I wanna say that Zane is in a pretty damn good spot now. All 3 of his action skills are good. But I think some skills need buffs or full on changes to actually work. Before zane gets changed/buffed, do note that I think fl4k needs buffs to his survivability and his trash capstone (the one where he turns enemies into allies) first before zane gets any changes. But if Zane does gets changes, I think these changes should be implemented:

Hitman tree: Blue tree is honestly good as it is. The only skill I think needs to be changed is Good Misfortune. I think it needs to give additional action skill cooldown rate so it don’t have to be useless since Calm, Cool, and Collected is there. The augments are pretty good but I do think it needs to be better so the drone can be versatile, either doing lots of damage or just being there for support with decent damage depending on the augments you choose.

Winter’s Drone: Increase efficiency of cryo (freeze faster)

Bad Dose: Decrease enemy speed and fire rate a little more to actually show a difference and have it beam more enemies to increase Zane’s speed and fire rate by a noticeable amount (this should do meh damage since it’s more for support).

Static Field: Increase the damage done to shields. The shield recharge it gives to Zane is honestly fine.

Almighty Ordinance: This augment needs a HUGE rework or buff. It barely hits and it doesnt do enough damage. I think it should have a cooldown and actually should be able to hit targets automatically like a lock-on system. This won’t make boomsday useless since boomsday shoot more rapidly and do high damage to a single target while Almighty ordinance will guarantee hits onto targets, have a 15 second cooldown (since it’ll do a lot of damage) and be able to lock on to multiple targets.

These buffs should make the drone be what you want it to be. Either a full on support, full on damage, or a half damage/half support but won’t be as good as full support/full damage.

Doubled Agent: Clone is honestly fine how it is. No buffs and no nerfs needed. This is exactly how the clone should always be, that high damage abs high health distraction that’s basically another you but better. But I do think one augment and two skills need to be changed.

Binary system: increase cryo efficiency.

Trick of Light: Now this is only bad because you don’t know when it’s triggered and enemies will pretty much always target you unless you have a clone or another ally. I think it should be changed to this: Whenever an action skill is active, he gains cyro damage to his weapon. The more action skills activated, the more cyro damage bonus he has. (Up to 36% bonus cyro damage each action skill he has). This is especially since this tree is focused on having more than one action skill up. Your clone should also get this cryo damage bonus.

Like a Ghost: I don’t really know how this will would be buffed, but I have two ideas but idk if it’ll be op (which I dont want at all). I think the faster Zane moves, the more chance he has to dodge bullets, it should obviously have less numbers than his actual movement speed, otherwise he’ll never be hit lmao. If that doesn’t work then I think it should be a kill skill that doesn’t stack. So when Zane kills an enemy, he gains a 25% (depending on how much points you put into it) chance to ignore damage.

Under Cover: This skill tree is the tree I feel like needs the most work since no Zane main would dare go down this tree fully unless they want to lose a lot of damage. Personally I think this skill tree should focus around shield capacity, slowing and freezing enemies, tanking, and precision and support. Basically, the more capacity you have, the more damage. So I think these changes are needed:

Deterrence Field: I don’t think it should do too much shock damage but I do think it should be about staggering enemies for a long time. The bigger the enemies, the more hits it takes to stagger but they’ll stagger the longest.

Charged Delay: I think It should have an added bonus like fire rate (20%) so it can be more about offense and Nanites or Some Shi** can be about defense.

Augments should work on the barrier while holding but with a small decrease bonus. Example: you’ll gain 15% more damage when shooting through barrier but when Zane picks it up, it’ll just be 10%.

Retailation: Boost damage to 15% to encourage co op players to shoot through the barrier.

Best Served Cold: This skill should also boost damage to slowed/frozen targets. If enemies are slowed (works with Bad Dose from drone) then they’ll take 25% more damage. If they are completely frozen, they’ll take 50% more damage (the bonus damage also depends on how much points you put in the skill).

Futility Belt: Should stack up to 2 now.

Nerves Of Steel: Should literally work like Confident Competence. Should obviously depend how much points you have in it, but if you have all 3, it should give you up to 90% accuracy and 105% handling depending on how much shield capacity you have and should also give bonus crit damage on slowed/frozen targets (up to 30% on slowed targets and 60% on frozen) depending on shield capacity.

I think this green tree change will give Zane lots survivability while also creating synergies with the other skill trees. This will also give Zane lots of CROWD control and make his cryo build on par with his other builds.

Seein dead com: honestly, the only issue is that this class mod is too op and makes other class mods useless basically. I think that seein dead should be seein red. That’s just my personally opinion though, idk if it’s a good idea.

Please tell me suggestions and your thoughts, again I want fl4k to be the main focus first and I want every vault hunter to buffed, this is just my ideas for Zane so he can be perfect.

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Zane needs crit hit damage buffs. His damage output is already solid but his build needs to be more about finesse, less about raw maths and gun damage. Everyone just relies on hax no skill no diff bullhonky. Adding crit hit wouldn’t just blatantly buff his damage and lazy Zane wouldn’t be his optimal form. Also seeing dead’s passive needs to be integrated into his skill tree so we can actually try other class mods.


I agree with what you said, but I’m also confused. Are you saying you agree with my buffs or do I need to change it a bit cause honestly I do think the green tree needs to give bonus damage to frozen/slowed and drone augments need to be buffed (especially almighty ordinance my god it’s so bad)

Honestly I think Zane’s green tree is kinda dumb, and needs a complete rework. Salvation basically ensures you don’t need the green tree. I pretty much never have incoming damage overwhelm my recovery, and even when it does I have the old u skill so I kinda think a lot of those are kind of a why bother, so I guess not?


Honestly yeah the green tree is garbage. Only like 3 skills are useful in it.