Somebody drew some of the BB girls in those sweater aprons XD

wish I knew who the artist was


That Alani one, though…

Ahem, I think I need to step away from the computer for a minute.

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Love these!
Also, the sweater your referring to is called
"The virgin killer sweater."
I really like these, too bad you don’t know the artist though.

A lot of generous interpretations here, lol.

Must be a Japanese artist, if i were to guess :blush:

For a link to the meme page click here.

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That… that Alani :neutral_face:


Excellent drawings though! I wish I were that talented when it came to art.

I really like these. I always said that I don’t like how ugly-ish the 3-D models make the women of battleborn, so it’s nice to see them drawn in a way that shows off what could have been.

Very pretty interpretations of the characters, I approve.

That Thorn and Phoebe are especially awesome due to their expressions.

Marquis really seems to have a hold on the situation, doesn’t he? He definitely hasn’t lost his grip. He’s really got his hands full this time! he know’s how to get his hands dirty when the need arises. It’s really the only situation where Marquis whishes he could live from hand to mouth

eh? eh? i could go all day :stuck_out_tongue: