Somebody please help me

So I finished Slaughter Shaft on mayhem 3, leveled up to 53, and completed the Valentine’s Day rewards all in one shot. I redeemed my rewards and ended up w/ a Gunner anointed Wedding Invitation… I play Fl4k. Was that my one and only Wedding Invitation?.. Am I screwed now? I REALLY want this sniper rifle.

Gonna have to wait for trades. See what others got. I’ve got all 4 vault hunters luckily to try and get a good version.

What spec Flak are you? Between my 3 VHs and 8 mules I’ll get a few, if I get the right annoint on any I’ll send you.


I REALLY APPRECIATE IT Bro. I would like to have Rakk attack 100% dmg / ASE 100% weapon dmg / or even ASE next 2 mags bonus elmtl dmg.
Any of those would be fine. My gt is RavenMock3r
Do you want this Gunner one by any chance?

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Interested in 25% crit ASE?

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Tempting dude… I prefer one of those anointments I mentioned, but I guess I wouldn’t mind having a “decent” one for now… Do you want something for it? Cause I leterally have nothing good to trade up yet. Lvl 53 anyway.

I’ll send it no problem in a bit and I’ll keep an eye out for those other ones

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Wow. That’s really cool of you dude. If your looking for anything in particular, let me know and I’ll definitely send it your way if I find it.

Just an idea here; not sure how helpful it will be. But as the reward is guaranteed to be level 53; you could start a new character and just farm the skags in the droughts

Wait. So it drops randomly too?.. oh NVM. I see what you mean.

Not a bad idea though.

No worries I’ll let you know how I go.

Do you have to see maurice in sanctuary to activate it like Halloween event tho? If so it’s like an hour to get a character there.

Don’t think it will be anointed though

@drew22602 aswell

Didnt think about this part; but i may have a solution; Splitscreen mules can reach santuary at level 1 @ mayhem4 (solves the anointed issue aswell too); its not hard to find them a simple level 1 weapon that can handle it for them.
Im not sure if they have to physically even destroy the hearts* themselves - only id expect them to have to

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One way to find out lol.

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The wedding invitation doesn’t need an anointment! Damn people! But if anyone has a phasecast one, let me know. :wink:

Just sent it

Thanks again dude. I appreciate it.

Hey mate onjuist had the dame problem as ravenmocker. Got the wedding invitation but no anointed. Do you have Some fl4k anointments? Ambt we van traden for something? Cheers!

Does anyone has an anointed rakk version or on action skill ends? Got mine With no anointments…