Somehow, they have ruined borderlands

well, this is just 100% my opinion, nothing more, nothing less, but I am extremely disappointed in how borderlands 3 came out, and even more disappointed in how it got even worse…

  1. The classes are wildly uneven, there are just too many mobs to play single player at times.
  2. I have no idea if its just me, but it really does seem like the computer enemies actually cheat a bit. I have hidden behind entire buildings and their bullets seem to actually turn the corner and hit me anyway. Which leads back to classes being way uneven with me using Zane, because I die in like 4 shoots for some reason.
  3. The loot specs make it take WAY too much time trying to figure out which weapon is ACTUALLY better, especially when you see a blue that is lower level and still does more damage then a yellow weapon.
  4. It takes like 15 minutes to start the dawn game.
  5. The obvious disappointment that borderlands 3 is really not that different then borderlands 2, just more weapons and disappointing classes. (Make Tina a demolitions expert and add her already!)
  6. To even attempt to get some of the best weapons, you have to grind for wayyyyyyy too long. I have a job you know, which pays for this game…
    There’s more, but I’m sick of writing now. And like I said, this is all opinion, so if you think I’m wrong, then you think I’m wrong lol.

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