Someone ask me to level me up to 72 is this good are bad

someone ask to level me up to level 72 is this good are bad

That depends on whether or not you’re enjoying the game @ 72. The only thing you miss out on is the “natural” progression from level 1 to 72, but if you don’t enjoy that type of activity, then you haven’t really missed out on anything. Personally, I usually only do the natural leveling if I’m starting a new character I’m not familiar with. If it’s a new character that I’ve already done before, I’ll skip the leveling process entirely and start out wherever I want to. Ultimately only you can decide whether or not this was a good or bad thing.


What @Gulfwulf said (mostly!) Would this be your first character, or the first time playing that character? If yes, then I’d recommend doing at least one play through the usual way. If not, then my answer would similarly be “it depends” - piggy-backing on someone else’s game from level 1 up means you’ll be spending a lot of the time basically doing nothing, which isn’t my cup of tea. On the other hand, if you just want to get a character up to the same level as a friend so you can co-op, and you don’t mind sitting back and watching during that process, then go ahead.

I would only add that I personally do not like to gain levels or rewards without feeling that I earned them some how. This is why I probably won’t start any further characters in BL2: I’m still playing through UVHM on some of them and, although I enjoy the story, I don’t want to do it that many times.

Depends on how high level the other guy is. And also on your class. Maya is useful to anybody as low as level 5 (phaselock) and level 16 (res). And Zero can deathmark things for other players at level 16.

Axton if your building turret build is ok at low levels as well.