Someone Call Ice Cube! Today Was a Good Day!

With the return of Bots Battle, I did all of Benedict’s Help for a Grounded Recruit, Kid Ultra’s Suit Up, finished up Whiskey’s Mike,Check, and, wait for it… KILLING ON RAILS!!!
Now, I have my Masters of Benedict and Toby and have made serious headway in a LOT of other characters (KU, Pendles, WF, Alani, and Ernest). We STILL don’t get character specific kill/assist lores :disappointed:, but it’s a small price to pay for what I’ve gotten out of Bot Battle.
Anyone else stoked that this mode has returned?


That’s pretty cool and am glad people are getting mileage out of bot battles again. Not a fan of that song personally but if your day was the equivalent of ice cubes good day then mine would be Strapping Young Lads (SYL) Sh*tstorm as my ps4 refuses to stay on more than 5 minutes :.(


:sob: :sob: :sob:

That sucks! I’m sorry.

Based on how quickly I was getting matches in the Bot Battle mode, it seems plenty of folks are happy with it.

I was saying before the game launched they needed a mode like this, as it’s standard in most other similar games. Honestly it should be a permanent thing…just move it to the PvE section where it belongs.


Remember when Toby’s ult lore was excruciating? I welcome bots. That piece had tears in my eyes on more than one occasion. Sure, it’s been nerfed but do you remember?:cry:

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I had 9/10 before the change happened. Bittersweet feeling.


Ouch. I had made it my mission that that cute bastard would be my first Master.

I didn’t mean to hijack your glory. Congrats on your accomplishments :acmaffirmative:

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I’m doing Ben’s lore in it right now.

The Unlock specifics was what made it hard to be honest. Everyone thought it had to be a double kill with your ultimate but I quickly learned it wasn’t the case when I got lucky and noticed it was just the second kill that had to be the ultimate, by no means easy but I’m sure more people would of gotten it if they knew since day 1.

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Yes I’ve been farming these as well. It’s great low pressure way to actually get some of the lore done without feeling like I’m hurting the team.

Sadly I upset a lot of people during chaos rumble by constantly rushing ghalt trying to get first blood but mostly feeding the other team.

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I’m guessing if Toby’s was still the 10 doubles with NO bots battle, I’m pretty sure I’d never get it.
But I lucked out and had a good team. A Miko did a good job of healing me throughout and everyone else was getting solid pepper damage. I got two double kills with the Ult, so that felt really good. I think I went 22-1, with the one being so excited that I didn’t retreat or teleport after I got the achievement. Wish I’d gotten WoS, but now there’s a chance.

I was trying Tobys last night. It’s better to get on capture right since more bots may be grouped?

I got it on incursion. The matches are usually longer and there’s also a lot of extra damage flying around with minions and turrets.
I used critical hit boosting gear and went for ranged head shots. As you probably know, once you get a kill, fire up your ultimate and just hope a weakened enemy shows up.

Try using the slow on his mines, helps with the running away bots, also remember only the second kill has to be from his ultimate. lastly if you are playing with others have them choose people with stuns, you will get it done easily. I helped a few people with Galilea and my brother as Miko.

got toby’s lore. thanks for all your help guys. pushed out a stun mine like you said then did ult in the middle of the battlezone and it popped for me. didnt seem to bad once i had the right opportunity. can finally enjoy toby again instead of constantly thinking about finishing this lore.

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