Someone help me do my op Lvls 4-8

Hi if anyone will help my siren out I would be appreciated

I am currently lv72 op4

If your a gunzerker and can rocket jump to the last boss that’ll be better

Thanks :blush:

Im level 59 trying to get up there if you find someone ill play also. GT: Grievousmedusa

My siren is at a level 53, and I’m always looking for people to play with and try to get my level up. GT CraftyNessa. I have a gunzerker who I haven’t even completed the story with, if anyone wants to help power level him up.

If you want I can go on my op8 gunzerker and go through uvhm if you want?

Could you help me

If you can help me get through op 8 on a gunzerker or my krieg, I will gladly return the favor… gt is same as forum name

Looking for help as well. Gt Crackin Yo Nuts

I’ll have to help your gunzerker as Krieg can not rocket jump

You join in as well if you’re lvl 72

Yeah sure just hook me up

Sadly I’m not 72. I would greatly appreciate some power leveling through digistruct though. Gt is Crackin Yo Nuts

Dude sorry I’ve not been on. If you still need help op lvls I will help you. Your already on my friends list so… see you.

Have u reach OP8?

Im OP level one, im trying to get to OP 8 can anyone help me? My gamer tag is OverTheMayhem, and if u help me ill open the golden chest for u a few times i have 270 keys