Someone help me quick!

I’ve been farming the torgue machines since last night for a level 72 dpuh with a torgue grip. I found a dpuh with a Dahl grip and a 2.8 x weapon zoom. Wondering if I should go with it or be picky and try and find one with a torgue grip?

Are you planning/able to go into the OP levels?
If so, that version should be fine

I am… but I ended up not getting it which sucks bc I gave into a dpuh with a vladof grip which is what I have on my 66 but looks like the dahl version would’ve been a bit better. I really just want one with a torgue grip andmax zoom at no higher than 2.8 x and the laser on the bottom. I would be content until atleast op 3… probably at op4 I’ll farm for another one but I’m not giving in without atleast a torgue grip. I just don’t like hyperion sights and the sniper scope on a pistol.

Isn’t the laser an accessory? In which case you can’t get a Double Penetrating UK with the laser. Not sure on that, but I thought it was an accessory…

If you’re refering to the laser sight that show up on some pistols, that is either the Accuracy accessory, or the double accessory, they both add a laser sight.