Someone please help me power levelling

I have a level 40 mechro I’d like to powerlevel on 360. My GT is ne0g4m3r. Sorry to beg I really want a high level Mechro, Anyone who is level 50 or higher and willing to help please reply it will be greatly appreciated. Again I am on Xbox 360.

Forgot to mention I will be free whenever this weekend and next week.

UPDATE: Someone helped boost me to level 55. Now I’m quite far ahead but have no bosses to farm as I haven’t completed TVHM, so if anyone could please hook me up with some decent level 50 weapons that would be greatly appreciated. I would pay you back but I don’t have any good gear except for a level 34 unkempt Harold, and I also have $30 million which I assume no one would want but ammo can get expensive on UVHM. Enough dragging on if you could help please reply or add me on Xbox.