Someone tell me about ISIC

From what I’ve read, the LLC is suppose to be ‘steampunk tron’, and that can be seen in characters like Marquis and Phoebe, with an air of Victorian.

Could someone explain to me what ISIC is suppose to be? It’s more obvious with the previously stated heroes, along with Kleese, but I just can’t pin down what ISIC is suppose to represent.

Am I just blind?

I’m not entirely sure what kind of answer you’re looking for. He’s meant to be a crazy AI that pretty much wants to kill everyone, and then the body is what he uses to go into combat. If you want to look into it more, there’s a mission called The Algorithm that is on youtube, so you could look into that.

Just a crzy A.I. in a mech.

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That was a much better way of phrasing it.

I’m talking about visual design.

Marquis is a butler, Phoebe is a Victorian era women, Kleese is… I’m not sure what the word would be. Victorian Scientist?

Then ISIC… What is he design wise?

A Crazy AI in a mech.


Now I don’t think you guys are being clear. I’d say he’s a mech suit with a crazy AI inside. There we go, much clearer


The Victorian part is just because all of the LLC have money from all the weapon trades and thats how they show it, like arabian sheiks put gold plating on everything.

When I was reading the article on how they designed the LLC, the keywords they used were ‘Steampunk Tron’ and ‘Victorian’.

I’m trying to find those keywords in ISIC

I cant see your problem here, hes a tronlike virtual flying skull in mech with victorian ornaments.


That’s what I was looking for.

Not sure I get the point of that

I suppose there’s an interest in seeing the design process and how certain inspirations lead to the theme of a character and their looks. If you are interested in that, honestly I kind of am, then it would be curious to see a character that’s not apparent in relation to the inspiration for them. With further insight though, you can find the themes described in the faction for ISIC, resolving any confusion there might have been in the topic of ISIC’s character design.

I found this sort of thing very interesting. In particular I enjoy looking at concept art to see how the designers came to their end result. We did see some concept art quite a while ago that showed off the evolution of Marquis. Now all of the Battleborn are confirmed, I think I’m going to try to find the concept art and see the roots of some of the newer characters. I hope the art wasn’t in a video, finding the right one would be like locating a needle in a haystack now.

The “Steampunk Tron” thing is interesting, since it’s probably the earliest phase of concept design. I can imagine a group of designers mouthing random words and trying to see the potential of combining them. :slight_smile:

Well,for starters I recommend reading his lore(every character has a lore section in-game) and playing the first co-op mission. He’s a rogue manufacturing Magnus, a sentient AI responsible for (I suspect not only) manufacturing and managing minion robots for the LLC.

After realizing that reality is a joke and we’re all going to die due to he cosmos being cruel and psychotic he turned to his new found pleasures- philosophy and violence.

In short - it’s a sentient AI who made itself mobile by controlling a (probably self-manufactured) robotic body.

Winner!!! YEP! Like a psychotic r2 c3 unit witha holographic manifestation of its sentient mind like a tripped out mix between joker philosophy and brainiac…

He’s streampunk because he’s a robot with lots of moving parts, and Victorian because the designs on him.

ISIC is a virtual Demilich who builds himself bodies.

Not really, but the LLC isn’t full steampunk. In fact nothing they have seems to run on steam as far as we can tell.

ISIC himself runs on pure hatred, nihilism, and sass. Just like a crazy, ancient wizard that turned himself into a skull because he was bored.

I think his visual theme is far more baroque than victorian however. There’s a lot of gold and fancy embellishments. He kinda looks like he is made of ivory too and the overall composition of ISIC is far more extravagant than the other LLC.

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Personally, I just see him as a murderous steam engine. I mean, if they’re all steampunk/cyberpunk/victorian people than an old-fashioned steam engine train controlled by an A.I. makes sense to me.

The question is not “What’s ISIC suppose to be?” but “Can you eat the booty like…” nope not that, but damn that rhyme was too tempting, Apologies.

For real, ISIC is just some AI that went crazy, built a huge mech suit and then got captured by the Battleborn to be placed in a smaller suit. Kind of like FNAF, just cramming those bodies, erm AI’s into places.

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