Someone tell me about ISIC

Someone, make art, now.

I’M ON IT!! :smiley:

ISIC is a Magnus which is an A.I.(NOVA is a magnus too)but with him he was special one that went Rouge.

as for the LLC there are the richest faction and the most advanced, they builds the robots and hence why they all look fancy.

All Magus went crazy when their governing AI was lost btw - source is the continued comments from Nova when you spam the gear tab before you’re command rank 3.

And Marquis is a Magnus too.

LLC are the richest faction and yet we pay them for use of their respawning technology, and despite fighting the end of the universe we only have limited respawns per match because we couldn’t afford more. source = Prologue. Because everyone knows that captive audiences are good money heh.

What is ISIC? He is a magnus class AI (That is somewhat insane) that has been placed into a war mech that reaps death and destruction on everything in his general vicinity. He also has the best lines in the whole game.

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Well now that the game is released and I’ve had more time to think on it.

ISIC is the embodiment of hatred in robot form. Sort of like Mandy from Billy and Mandy, except robot who is forced to always sound happy.

He’s also sort of the GLaDOS parody. Highly intelligent being in a position of power who says they can contribute to furthering science, but would rather torture people instead.

His insights into the universe make him one of the few characters (if not the only one) who can totally break the fourth wall whenever, and he does during the Algorithm (sometimes).

I still hold that he is Baroque style and not Victorian. Also he’s a virtual demilich the Magnus core is his phylactery :D. Still my favorite character. I’m not a nihilist or anything, but I’m a little philosophical and he comes off as really funny to me.

Could be a white gothic Victorian design (since the cool gold lion heads on his shoulders) along with a digital skull to keep it futuristic