Someone that can help me to learn about bl2

Hey listen guys im new bl2 gamer and i need someone to talk and study me about borderlands 2 dlc weapons lvls and more i have ps4 send me friend request my psn is idodushn thx

For general questions about loot, I would suggest the wiki. You’ll have people here on the forums to answer whatever questions you have, but BL2 with DLC is a pretty large game, with plenty of guns.

I don’t know how far you are in to the game already but here’s some quick pointers.

Use of slag = good (it makes other damage types do more damage)
Red health bar = use a fire weapon (unless it’s a fire based enemy)
Yellow health bar = use a corrosive weapon
Blue “health” bar = shielded enemy, use a shock weapon.

Sal has a lot of skills that boost pistols, Maya has a class mod that works well for SMGs, Axton has buffs for assault rifles, Gaige will do well with Jackob’s shotguns, Zer0 is good for sniping, and Krieg is the melee beast.

There are 3+1 playthroughs
NVHM (lv1-36)
TVHM (lv37-50)
UVHM (lv51-72)
UVHM2 (OP1/73-OP8/80)

Feel free to ask mate.
Legendary drops are 1/30 app.
The scale of rarity is (lowest to highest)
White-Green-Blue (most of the mission rewards and uniques)-Purple-Magenta (Eridians)-Orange (Legendary)-Cyan (Pearlescents)-Pink (Seraphs).

I have one advice at this point. Don’t start on the dlc’s until you’ve finished the second playthrough. The reason for this is simply that in NVHM (Normal Vault Hunter Mode) and TVHM (True Vault Hunter Mode), all the areas are set at certain levels. If you do the dlc’s before end of 2nd run, you will become overleveled, and the enemies will die just by looking at them. This will even itself out eventually, but it will feel a bit boring for a while. After 2nd playthrough is finished, the game will scale up everything to level 50. That’s when most people do the dlc’s for the first time. In UVHM (Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode), the game will scale to the same level as the highest leveled player in the group.

Enjoy the game, mate, and welcome!

I did all the Campaign DLCs without doing the side quests and ended up level 50 with my last Gaige. Just skip it in normal, where you want to do all the side quests of the vanilla game to end up level 30.
When you start UVHM, do all the HH packs to have some easy places to farm when you cant find gear in you playthrough. Also, do not do the sidequests with unique rewards! Save them until you reach level 72, so you dont need to farm it all over again.

My best advice is to look up the old gearbox forums and sift through them when you have questions. I used to just Google questions and I found the old forums always had a million topics that could help answer anything I needed to know.

Unfortunately when they switched to the new format I have to manually go into them and try to find info. Google searches don’t seem to work but as a beginner there is a ton of helpful on there.

thx very mutch guys but can someone can add me idodushn and play woth me its vety boring to play alon