Someone to join me to try to kill hyperius? Or any advise?

I unlocked the Hyperius like a month ago, i can’t kill him. it get impossible until he get the last 1/4 of the life bar.
I’m a lvl 39 Assassin w/ 11 305 of heath, Sniper Skill tree,
My equipment is:
Maylay shield lvl 38
-Cap. 9650(10132 with bonus)
… and a few good guns. Any advise or someone to join?

My advice is to keep a moxxi weapon on you, specifically the kitten, It is one of the best ar’s for zero. If you have b0re specced into, take a low-level singularity grenade, bunch up the loaders, shoot at crits (towards hyperius), and you’re done.

I haven’t attempted this yet as Zer0, but I have done it as Axton and Gaige, and will do it very soon with Krieg as well. As a general rule for raid bosses, I’ve found that it is important to have some means of health sustain, otherwise they will slowly wear you down and eventually kill you. As Axton, I got that no problem from Able, as Gaige, I had to respec (and I also had to find a better shield for Master Gee) in order to get my shield recharge delay short enough that I could use Discord cycling to health sustain my way to victory. As Zer0, B0re would definitely be recommended, but I would honestly split my skillpoints between Sniper tree and the middle tree so I could get Innervate for health sustain (via Decepti0n spam; stay in Decepti0n for the full duration).

Edit: note that on-kill skills aren’t very useful in the Hyperius fight (or Gee for that matter) because you won’t be getting kills frequently.