Someone To Play Battleborn With

I’m looking for someone to goof off and screw around with on Battleborn, i’ll mostly be using Deande, Marquis, and Orendi. I bought a Ps4 recently because i didn’t like Xbox so i don’t know anyone on Playstation. I’m in highschool so expect a high schooler schedule.

PS4 user here

I’m on PlayStation 4 and you can paly around with me if I’m up. You can also check out the PlayStation communities from your home screen as well. There’s the closed technical community that has a little over 1k users on it that were on all the time. Go to friends>my communities>browse communities(or search)> look for closed technical test under battleborn. The community is kinda quiet right now since the test was over but when the open beta starts count on them being active again.

It’s not there.

It should be. I’ll look it up here in a min.

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