Someone to play online with

I need someone to play battleborn with when it comes out. I’d prefer if it was someone around my age (17), I don’t wanna start cussing only to be told that sh*t is a bad word. I’m planning on playing with Marquis and I’ll be playing ps4. I’m a pretty easy going guy so I’m just going to be playing the game for fun.

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What do you call a magic owl? Hoodini!

Depends if it’s cross platform. If yes: here I am.
Pc masterrace

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Rocket League is cross platform with PC…?

Thats PS4 to PC?

i think here is where @TigerShard got that idea from.

I can see how that might have come across, but I assumed your argument about M/K was not aimed at Gearbox and was rather aimed at people who are actually in charge of things such as cross-platform games. My bad.

Way to completely derail this guys thread. All he wanted was to find someone to play with when the game comes out. Not hear about crossplatform arguments and platform warrioring (a thing about platform wars : Dont )

So this discussion is over.


Yeah, Sorry. I just responded to the comment before that cross-platform will most likely not be a thing sadly, and it got outta hand really fast.

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But yes Back on Topic :smiley:

I’m going to be playin Caldarius i hope :smiley: he looks like my kind of style, but this could change once the full games out!

Private message me to talk and that, some information i would rather not ashare on the open forum page :stuck_out_tongue: would be useful to have some cover fire while i rush in and deal some damage :smiley:

Edit: I am on PS4 :slight_smile:

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I have a ps4 and plan to be playing as well. So pm me and we’ll exchange deets.
Also Phoebe or Benedict are out of bounds (haven’t decided yet). :wink:

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Chose Benedict! then we can be support from the Skys! :wink:


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I’m down, but I’m much older than 17.

As long as you can deal with the sound of creaking bones, I’m not easily offended.

I will also probably own a PS4 by then, because well…the release date of another game.
( which shall remain nameless…FALLOUT 4!)

Sure, my brothers a huge fan of fallout and played 300+ hours of fallout 3. If I make an account on ps4 it’ll probably involve the phrase ReD since that’s my initials

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Saw other people claiming Thorn on other threads, but not sure what platforms they’re planning to play on, so I call dibs!

Since I doubt my Windows 8 VM can run this well on my MacBook Pro, gonna have to get PS Plus closer to launch JUST to play this on PS4. Username’s the same, cheers.

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