Something about forum I just noticed

Just noticed something that you can do in a post I’m going to write the same exact phrase below only difference is that I use a # in one phrase and not the other
Check this out:
W/O #
W #

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I guess it’s for using sig’s in a post

Useful though…

(Stupid body is invalid…)

#Awesome yo

#II guess you can write as much as you want too trying now

Yep. Are you new to Discourse?

Not really I don’t guess I could not tell you who’s software host’s whatever forum I’m in because I am a member of multiple forum’s .I posted that because I haven’t seen anyone use it and thought I would share the knowledge w/others

I just meant if you knew colour and spoilers .
[color=red] colour [/color]
[spoiler] spoilers [/spoiler]


naughty Discord, saying my body is invalid.

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Cough Discourse cough

Same diff.
If the engine says that my body is invalid I am allowed to gett the name wrong in return.

That makes sense…

[quote=“nebostrangla, post:2, topic:1053770, full:true”]I guess it’s for using sig’s in a post[/quote]Been wondering, but what’s the format for sigs?

This forum software (Discourse) isn’t enabled to support signatures.
So there is no format.

all very good to know

I like this color better