Something different...?

Hello so recently I had felt a little bored with every game I have so I grabbed a group of friends and thought of doing something which was to start a new game on TPS and have everyone use Claptrap (I know this has been done in the past by others). Its been loads of fun and its almost like Russian Roulette with his ability. Soooo…

This sparked an idea, I thought this thread would be great to create a thread so others who have come up with fun ideas to play Borderlands with some kind of twist or another. Anyone can post an idea they have or have tried in the past to help others who have become slightly bored with the game a new and fun reason to play it

1st thing of course is have an entire lobby full of people using claptraps with different builds. #ClaptrapArmy

Me and some friends did the claptrap run a few times, it’s hilarious to see the carnage when all of our exe’s backfire on us and we all die. Hahahah

Or a Jack speeced like that with an Aurelia specced into Contractual Aristocracy and Claptrap. You’d have Aurelia leading you around chains, Jack trying to kill his master for buffs, and Claptrap being Claptrap.

@Tokesy97 That sounds like it could be fun and I would definitely be willing to do it.

@boombumr That sounds cool and all but im not a huge one for that Aurelia tree as i find it not all that helpful in the long run

@jd641 Yes i know what you mean, but for us its mostly hunting for ammo because we kept getting the funzerker, also I would also suggest doing a co-op run of Nisha and Athena and speccing everything you have for Nisha into her middle skill tree with a few select ones on the side trees nisha can handle most bosses by herself i where as when nisha is low on health or something have an athena to asorbe the damage i found this to be fun and a great one to do with 1 friend if your having trouble making an entire party