Something fun to do

So I’m sure not alot of guys will do this. But I want to be excited to get home from work today which is hours away sadly .first let me state I have all characters maxed with an insane amount of loot. Lol
Ex: anointed lyudas with+250% After phasecast
Fire anointed lyuda with +125 after action skill
Ice breaker deathless with perks like 30% grenade damage and 27% cryo efficiency
A cryo anointed reaccuring hex… Works well with item above. Lol
An insane amount of class mods for Zane moze flak and amarha some great rolls on the mods
Anointed lucians calls…

My point is I have alot… Lol

So what I am asking is fellow vault hunters to mail me anointed loot. The better the loot the better chance I will send an invite and pretty much let you get as much as you want… not a bad deal one piece of gear could get you alot!!! mainly I just want a reason to be excited when I log on today. :slight_smile:
GT: pbodyjel

Feel free to message me if you just want to do a normal trade. I have alot of anointed loot so just ask I might have what your looking for. And we can always go that route.

Happy hunting vault hunters!

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I have gear for trade here, posted photos, so much easier that way.

I am looking for any high damage Lyuda’s, especially shock and fire and infiltrator mods with Weapon Dam, Health, reload, rate of fire, etc
Will to trade anything for the right stuff, even gear i wasn’t going to trade. Let me know what your looking for.

xCaliburxxx on xbox


This is a hilarious and really cool idea. I love community stuff like this. I’ll definitely mail you a few items tonight when I get on! (not telling what they are! surprise surprise, haha)

Looking forward to the surprise! Great now how am I stay focused at work…:confused: lol

ikr, lol
What’s your favorite character right now? Might inform my choices to send.

My GT btw is ICE Faux Pirate so be on the lookout

I main Zane, moze, fl4k, then amarha in that order. Also let me know your guys main if you send something for the same reason.