Something Happened In Hero's Pass, Recently

I was playing Axton, level 32, and the first constructor NEVER APPEARED!!!

I mean I play BL2 all the time, I am running on Linux, the way things are supposed to be, but NO first constructor!

What’s up with that?

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I assume you mean the constructor that lands on the roof right past the gate Mordy shoots open, then he and Brick’s drop ship gets attacked?

In a few hundred runs through that area I have had the constructor not spawn once, so I have also seen the behavior. I recall something about my progression into that area being slightly different than usual, I think I had killed all the hyperion guards in the area before crossing the gate threshold, maybe that was the reason.

Anything partially different (even a small thing) that you can remember you did?

Tis indeed weird though.


Well, I have run through on all six characters, dozens, if not hundreds, of times. The Gunzerker just tears up this constructor, and I stand RIGHT NEXT TO THE CONSTRUCTOR, and annihilate the thing. I guess I killed all the Hyperion guards… I guess as I was on “normal mode” I was probably just careful THIS time through.

Thank you for your input, and have a great day!

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