Something Has Been Bugging Me About the Lore

Does anyone else not like the whole Jennerit Sustainment part of the lore? I feel like you end up with the Superman problem where you make a character so powerful that they just become boring. Why don’t the Battleborn just send Rath, Ambra, Deande and Caldarius on every mission? They shouldn’t need anyone else, except maybe Boldur because he’s just naturally overpowered. Why can Montana take more damage than any of them if he’s just a big shirtless dude? Isn’t small arms fire supposed to just bounce off of them? Why do they take damage from a lowly Primal Thrall?

It’s been bugging me for a while, and I guess this is as good a place as any to complain about it.

Calling @JOEKGBX and possibly @Jythri

I honestly think the other characters are tough too, like I honestly believe montana is WAY WAY more durable than sustained, rath even has comments about him, montana also may have nanomachines, lastly a lot of the battleborn have some sort of protection and have other advantages

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I can kinda get where you’re coming from. I think the important thing to remember is that these are the literally most powerful beings in the universe. Perhaps Jennerit are actually weaker than expected and need sustainment just to keep up. We know they don’t have an tanks so against such powerful foes they may fall quickly because they’re not as strong as they may seem and the enemies are insanely so. Secondly, the Jennerit have a bit of a propaganda machine going. Imagine hearing your overlords can’t be shot. That’s a possibility. Primal Thralls could be explained rather shakily albeit by how strong Attikus is (strongest health and damage from brute force).
All so Montana has a song about him, that’s +800 armor.
There, I pretended to patch a plot hole with 5 more. All better?


Attikus hints that thralls used to be feared by jennerit, also attikus is another with insane strength and toughness, last thing, it should be noted ghalt and montana being aplians, the UPR extracted all aplians because by normal human standards, they are VERY durable and tough, montana just inhumanly tough

El Dragon is also originally Aplian. I wouldn’t call him durable.

BRB, fiddling with Lowlines’s website again to make a legendary of this


It’s not that they’re durable, they just take the life force out of the things around them to keep themselves alive. You could still blow them apart easily with explosives.

Nothing in the lore suggests that being sustained makes you more durable.


While I didn’t expressly know that, I kinda figured. Thanks because whoo, that could’ve gone down hill.
And yeah, I remember them being Aplians, which sounds like a fun planet. I’d like to see a woman who hails from Aplia though

He was at first. He could take a little if you built him
And remember, he was a pro before ISIC (or Grant) ripped his arms off

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Doesn’t the report on Rath literally say that he’s been seen walking out of large scale explosions unscathed?

El dragon used to battle robots with regular arms, also unlike ghalt he wears no armor, so he is pretty durable to me

No it says that they definitely take damage, just not blown apart (which likely has to do with armor)

Yeah, Aplians are durable in the lore.

@Genericktag Not sure, he must’ve had some targets to smack in there. Otherwise, he’d have died according to the game’s logic.

It just occured to me that they’d have regen if they just took life force from the area around them, but their weapons all are said in the lore to have life steal.

So, sustainment is probably prevents death by natural means, and the weapons are what take the life force from around them to prevent death from actual fighting.

Either way, no they aren’t durable. With the exception of Attikus, they are all incredibly squishy. And Attikus isn’t sustained, his durability comes from being a thrall.


Not to mention one of their gear flaws is -Damage Reduction.


Honestly the lore with the firearms, I think it is SPECIFICALLY on rath, so armor may have to do with it

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Annnnnnnd done!


Edit: Derailed post is derailed


That gear is beautiful.

To add to the topic, the Jennerit are naturally squishy, and have short lifespans. Which is why they are jealous of the Helations (or however its spelled, which is what Gal’s is) because of their long lifespan. When they found out that there were races that lived longer then them, they sought out a way to extend their lives. Only problem was it took the same amount of energy to sustain themselves as it would take to power a star. Which is why only few Jennerits get sustainment. As far as I can recall from the lore, it doesn’t make them invincible it just allows their cells to decay at an extraordinarily slow rate, which allows for longer lifespans. Look at Lenore for example, according to the lore she’s been alive since the beginning of whatever star date calendar they are using. Also all the blademaster’s that Rath killed were sustained too and he had no problem killing them all off.


That’s the best argument I’ve seen yet and you hid it under a spoiler tag, you cheeky so-and-so. :sunglasses:

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Jennerit average life span unsustained live around 3 centuries

To some extent, sustainment does add a natural durability. Sustained are described by the red observer (Eldrid) as nearly impervious to small arms fire, many poisons and toxins, nearly incombustible, and immune to asphyxiation. Saying that sustainment just slows the rate of growth is inaccurate.


Talking about “Lore bugs”.

I wonder what’s with the whole Caldarius sustainment issue? Did he get it (he says he did), not get it (lore legendary says he didn’t)?
And Galilea’s “sisterhood” with Ambra, how, what, why?
And what’s with intro lore placement? Is it “just a clip”, is it actual lore, and if lore, when is it?
Also: sustainment practice was not that rare as there were whole elite squads of sustained troops in service. Lore also mentions about “growing practice” of jennerit sustainment.

Well, there are alot of potential discrepancies to talk about.

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