Something i didnt understand

(i finish the game right now thats why i am asking this)

In the final cutscene in heliophage. They escape but Rendain Detonate the whole star and the say Are we late and they show a cutscene that the star was going too explode and. Then they are safe. Do the Star was destroyed or kleese deactivated the bomb on time. Is really confusing (i finish the game right now thats why i am askimg this)

I want more continuation for this interesting story of battleborn. Is epic and unique in the future.

The Verelsi don’t destroy stars, they drag them to whatever abyss they came from. Solus was temporarily darkened meaning it almost pulled into the Verelsi void.

Basically if you had waited a few more minutes then the solar system would have been darkened but you saved everything at the last second.

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“The Darkening” of the stars is barely understood, but I interpretated the heroes “re-ignited” the almost darkend sun and closing the Varelsi gate Solus was disappearing in, just before the darkening/kidnapping of Solus could be completed.

The bomb you refer to is the Heliophage, a huge Jennerit construct they use to harvest energy from suns. I think Rendain & the Varelsi changed the functions of the original Heliophage to claim the last star.

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Actually this is explained in attikus lore. It says that the star was darkened but the heliophage exploding brought the star out of the void.


Uh, what everyone else said lol. It was really close, and although it almost went out, the Heliophages destruction saved it

From a Varelsi POV, it was like a close Meltdown match in which someone dies just as the countdown is over, so an unexpected Defeat flashes up even as you’re celebrating over mic.

I feel for you, Varelsi. We’ve all been there.


Like this? -

I expected a win at the last second, damn it was close.

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