Something i never thought id say in a hundred years

we might need to take a look at montana. knock up, knockback stun, and his gun is doing a little bit too much dmg for his role. he is immune to melee characters entirely. unless that is the intended effect

He is THE tank of the team…

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Montana is totally fine. Shoot his head. Hell I can take him down solo with Thorn and Oscar Mike no problem. He’s supposed to whoop ass.


If you’re a Melee character, you need to spin around him and can easily disorient him. There’s no problem with him at all

True. I just played as Attikus and couldn’t even touch Montana / get in range of him after his charge. (And Attikus has a TON of HP) He is immune to melee heroes.

Until you come across a marquis… I hate that bastard when I play Montana.

Having played Montana a lot (got his master), I gotta say, range chars like marquis and thorn a are a big pain in the ass. Boldur is also extremely annoying, mainly due to the height difference, as you end up just shooting the ground, while a good boldur is running circles around you.

Toby, Rath, gali (duh), Caldy, and Galt are all people I can rek Montana with. Except Toby is difficult because a smart Montana breaks my shield. The rest, it takes a damn good Montana to win. HOWEVER. His stun should be shortened, as he’s a high damage tank. He shouldn’t be tanky And high damage with cc. If his cc weren’t as strong, he’d be perfect. He’s almost there in my opinion.

Monata doesn’t exactly have a stun. Unless you spec into a knock up at the end of your lumberjack dash, it’s gonna be knocking people back. If you get knocked back into a wall, you’ll get stunned for 2 seconds. It’s a general game mechanic, same one other chars with knock back can enjoy, like Attikus for example

Atty isn’t really in the same tier, as his knock back stun makes him have to run over and start meleeing, at which point the stun is over. Montana with spin removal upgrade knocks back, melts, and slows if you do manage to start running/survive. For many characters who don’t have an escape, or decent cc, there’s no surviving that combo.
Granted, getting a perfect setup like that is hard. I don’t think the stun should be removed, damage lower, or slow nerfed, I just think the stun should be a tiny bit lower. Maybe a 1 or even just 1.5 so that you don’t lose 3/4 your health immediately, tank or otherwise, if you even survive.