Something I think should be addressed for Battleborn!

I frequently find this problem when completing lores for characters that require you to play the multiplayer! It irritates me that some require you to accomplish something exclusively in the multiplayer when I can sit in a queue to play for hours why haven’t you made them attainable in versus private! If you’re not on at the right time of day or during an event your SOL which shouldn’t ever be a possibility!


Might add that it’s never a problem getting lore that doesn’t require the multiplayer simply because I don’t have to rely on 9 other people to be playing with me!

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Are you a pc player?

I personally really like the addition of PVP lore but it’s a tad silly you can’t do it in Versus Private, as the bots do still put up a fight. For some challenges, the only difference betwee doing it in Public vs Private is that instead of taking advantage of derping bots you’re depending on newer or less skilled players to derp into your gank-machine (ie. Toby’s Core Discharge double kill). The vast majority of PVP challenges are a lot easier to get than I thought they would be though.

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No ps4 player but the queues are still way too long!


I wouldn’t have a problem if the games were easier to get into but they’re taking forever to get into these days!

Weird. I’m on PC and except for the few windows during the day where any game hits a lull due to time zones and whatnot, I seem to get matches back to back to back pretty handily. I used to think I could get chores done in between queues but I’ve long since given up on that since as soon as I leave the keyboard a match seems to start.

Have you tried exiting then rejoining matchmaking if the queue seems long? Sometimes that seems to fix things.


I am just waiting patiently for the day they decide to allow private matches to count for lores.

It’s pretty rough these days, even when the que says its short sometimes you will just sit there for 10-15 minutes before it puts you in a solo. Fortunately I was invited to a ps4 battleborn community and that helps, at least you can ask for help and try to set up runs to complete lore

This has already been addressed numerous times:

But the pvp lore while annoying is doable! However finding a game isn’t a lot of the time especially since most of the pve lore is as simple as starting a mission on private and executing an objective!

Please continue the discussion in one of the topics mentioned above :heart: