Something I wish would change

I love Borderlands. I have put hundreds of hours into 1,2,and 3. With that said, there are certain decisions from the developers that have me scratching my head. For example:

Why do cosmetic items, ESPECIALLY legendary ones remain in the loot pool once you’ve unlocked them. It is super demoralizing when I get excited because Wotan’s top half drops 5 legendaries, and 2-3 of the drops are echo skins and room decorations. Seeing Woodblocker and any of the other garbage tier snipers along with repeat cosmetic items makes me want to turn the game off.

PLEASE Gearbox, this should not be a thing. Once we have unlocked something it should be removed from the loot pool.

Also, I dont know if its just my experience. But something seems really off with the current event. I’ve done Maliwan almost 10 times now and NOT ONE dedicated drop. Nothing about the current gameplay loop feels rewarding.

Jokes on me though because I continue to play.


Presumably so you can give them to friends until they beg you to stop filling up their mailbox with what are essentially $1 bills.

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Haha true. It was nice at launch, but now no one needs them.

+1 from me. They can be super annoying especially when half of your Loot Box is these and you have to pick them up and discard them otherwise they’ll keep appearing there

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