Something interesting me and my homies found out

the backburner rocket launcher can friendly fire and kill your friends we found this out by mistake when playing after I had gone down like 20 times during a boss fight. we then relised that if my friend shot me with said rocket launcher it insta killed me. any reason why the backburner does this cause no other weapon friendly fires.

and we tested this rocket launcher with all the charecters and can conferm it dose it with all of them

The Jericho in Mortar mode also deals friendly damage FYI

did not know that

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I think splash damage has no friend/foe qualifier in the game? So any launcher with much splash damage is going to be a bit of a downer if not handled with care.

There’s something “special” about the Backburner and Jericho that allow you to directly damage other friendly players outside of duels. The Res might also fit in that category. I believe you can even kill certain npcs with those guns. If all splash did friendly fire then it would be almost impossible to co-op with a Moze in the party