Something is screwy with the build menu in show all view

I’ll get a screen shot up next time I see it, but earlier I was unable to see all the fighters I’d researched unless I went to the fighter tab. had scouts, inties, bombers, defense fighters. Could see defense fighters, the vette bar covered it.

@scole, @BitVenom

edit: here you go, just start a game with research turned off to reproduce.

Ya spacing is weird between some unit type groups too.

Yup - I saw that, not sure what’s up. Looks like maybe the list items are all the same size, no matter the contents size. The Research menu lag fix may have triggered this, but I don’t think so - I think we shipped that way with the last ‘big’ patch.

I think so also. I noticed something was different before the fix to research. Before, the different rows were collapsed and expanded as needed. Now they start at a fixed width and have blank space; you can see an example in the recourse row.