Something is wrong with the double bezoomy

Longtime player first time posting. Big fan. I noticed something about the double bezoomy, my favorite gun in the game, that bothers me to such a degree i wanted to reach out and talk about it on the forums. I noticed when using both barrels the bullets only come out from the left barrel. I noticed this when looking down a 5x scope. Every bullet was coming from the bittom left of the screen rather than the center. Not a big deal but it really breaks immersion for me when there are ni bullets coming from the bottom right of the screen. Like it means the second barrel isnt actually firing rather the firing rate on the first barrel is increased. Its much more noticable when playing Moze since tracers light up the bullet trajectories.I was hoping if someone else noticed this or is it just me. I know gearbox is doing a TON of work making the game as great as it can be. But if someone could pass this irksome problem along to them or if they take notice of it, well i would be thrilled.

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