Something I've always wondered about Buzzards

I’ve always wondered why Buzzards pre-explode.

You know what I mean, at about 1/8th heath a Buzzard will have a small explosion, spin a little and drop some parts.
But they’re still alive and can still beat you up.
Why? Always a bit distracting, you see the fireball and think got it but then you still have a few more shots to inflict.

I’ve never seen any discussion of this.

I think it’s actually when you hit one or both engines - that generates an explosion and causes the Buzzard to rock/swerve while it takes a significant amount of damage, but somehow manages to keep flying.

I’ll go give that a try…Nope.

Made sure to only hit the pilot, still got the pre-explosion even though both engines were unharmed and still putting out blue thrust diamonds. I recorded a clip, once I can find my USB drive I’ll post that.
Edit: and as usual the PS4 failed to copy the file to the USB stick so I can’t post the vid.

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