Something missing in BL2

Let me tell you how good is it in Borderlands. First the world itself feel more complex and more interesting, then the gameplay feel even more fun with those kind of stuffs that don’t have in BL2.

So here is what I am talking about

  • Weapon proficiency (I know Badass poin deal with it but what if more ?)
    -E-tech weapon - this is what really missing so please bring back the infinity ammo one, not because the ammo must be infinity but because the design and mechanic bring interesting gameplay (would be good if there are more for this type)
    -Invader - the one who own E-tech or as I can say that they’re the owner of this tech (not just fight with the Hyperion droid)

And what I would suggest (maybe related from other games but I will make sure to not copy)
-The Open universe, the Pandora itself is some kind of open world but I don’t think this enough and some how too short without the DLC (already bought nearly all of it just 3 more head hunter pack) - just like Mass Effect with open world so you can access another planet or even system but still have the open world so you can play in many environment , you don’t have to create plenty of new enemy just some native and the invader (like hyperion droids and some bandits) because at the end of BL2 you can see much more vault exist there.
-Open story, the story that follow how the others want things to become is so old for now - why don’t put more complexity to it and stop forcing people to earn the main story while leave them find themselves become true vault hunter that they will have to explore much more and every single detail of each map even solve the puzzle to pass the gateway to something great or just a garbage with high security.
-Custom built character ? maybe you think the Borderlands series are only sale character but not for me - I played this because of loots, so more loots and more danger must be great if I really have that kind of custom built not just select some dude and custom it…more like MMORPG that I can actually change for the higher class and customize how my active skill or skill tree should be - as game designer myself I know this plan is really suck for some dudes but add more fun for some dudes that love to built up their own character and get into plenty of loots and danger.

More work and more ending so this series will become legend, you don’t need to trust me but just think about it.

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While there’s no reason they can’t do an open world, it just wouldn’t feel like Borderlands to me. Besides, you aren’t exactly playing BL for it’s story.

Weapon proficiency? Yeah, if it’s added on top of badass points instead of one replacing the other. Though they’d have to be small boosts, like only up to 5% gun damage. I fear anything more may lead to imbalance. Because it’s very easy to just spam spam spam with one gun. With badass points, you do have to distribute them more and tend to require a variety of different actions just to get the points themselves.

Custom characters? Negative. I just don’t see this working. You’d either have characters that are just way too good (beyond anything we currently have, I’ve seen all the monster builds for every character) or just flat out crap. This would all depend on how much freedom players are given to pick and choose their own skills in to the mix. Too much freedom, and you get the first option. Too little and you get the second and people complain that the customization of your skills is a joke.