Something more in Tennis's Lab?

If you jump on the points listed below you can get up to the bubble.
Once there you start to hear people talking.
Any thoughts on this?

No clue. Going to have to travel there next time I load up the game.

Did you catch anything that was being said?

You can hear several individual voices, sound like male and female, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

All i heard was the sound of the bandits in the area directly on top of the lab. Seems like being up there gets you just close enough to hear them if they start making noise.

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Weird, tho.

it’s literally the second time that i hear stuff about weird sounds in BL3.
First about weird noises from Marcus room, now in this lab.

And every time i go there i can’t hear sh*t.
Just checked.

It might be something that appears every now and then? like bosses?
or maybe just a bug?

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Right, go around the bubble slowly and they will speak again in different times.
Would be cool if Tannis had some black magic going on in the past.