Something neat about the update

With this new update, Hyperion weapons now have a different text that describes their accuracy:

I think this is very nice, makes a little more sense then the old text, and it is now a different color too, good job Gearbox :smile:


Oh I like that!

I thought it was something very nice. Also, very important, is the fact they also have updated the old miss-texture of Torgue weapon glow. When viewing Torgue weapons in the menu, they never used to glow, until inspected. But now, the glow is present even in Vendors.

I luv little details like that, Iโ€™m glad the Gearbox team put so much thought into this update. Thanks, all!

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They messed up a few things really badly, but I believe they will fix them one day. Also, I do like these little things too.

Nice find.

Thanks! Iโ€™m sure there are plenty more I havenโ€™t discovered.