Something needs to be done

Please add a way or do something about the minimap being that full of legendary star icons you cannot see any green or other icons at all this happens most in circle of slaughter (personally) not to mention by the time im finished all rounds\waves there is jus no point trying to go thru everything it gets that bad sometimes i cant even see the ground beneath the item drops then ya get them stacking and your forced to pick up 5 jus to see what dropped … Tbh i can list a few things but i solo everything and i cant run them 3 SLAUGHTER CIRCLES for the simple fact on mayhem10 ALOT of everything drops but i get ALOT of legendary drops and as i said when im done there is too too much to go thru and carry weight needs increasing again …

To sum it up add a clear map option on the big map or something i will add a pic or too shortly to show what im talking about lmao.

Also… CAN WE PLEASE GET ANOTHER ACTION SKILL SLOT or fix mayhem10 because it takes awhile to kill enemies with most weapons it can get BAD when your a mobber lol

And make quest rewards scale i jus got the tvhm bekah lvl57 and its the same as normal bekah and the dps for both 1585 please make the quest rewards scale with everything else that goes for grenades\melee cuz as it stands neither do much (again my opinion how it seems to me anyway i use zane\fl4k and i have nothing slotted in the grenade slot)

TVHM adds nothing when running mayhem, TVHM has never been about getting more powerful loot at the best of times (Prior to M2.0). Just adding more and tougher enemies uplifted to your level and leading to more loot dropping.

Scaling has already been announced and planned to be included in phase 2 patch.