Something that you have missed in the beta

Something that you have missed in the beta but have to check out at the release.

You have to use your gear before Level 3, its not allowed but you can have a pretty long discussion with Kleesia Nova over this if you try it anyway and don’t stop, and I mean NERVER stop.

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I can’t understand what you’re actually asking here. Could you please clarify?

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Try to use your gear before Level 3 and Kleesia will coment on every click you do for many clicks

Yea… you’re still not clarifying what your topic is about. I get that the Narrator (didn’t know her name, thought it might be Nova) chides you about your gear. But what do you mean “missed in the beta”?

Because all who play are now over lvl 3 and cant hear that anymore.
(Nova might be right, in early videos it was Kleesia)

Moved to the open beta discussion and feedback category. Thanks.

I know what your talking about.

It’s when you haven’t unlocked the gear option in the command menu where you can look at all the characters. It’s pretty funny.

I don’t think this thread belong in the beta discussion part of the forum because most users are only able to see what I’m talking about after the beta reset.
(On a side note the General Beta forum is full of posts that are dedicated to only one specific character, who all have a subforum for them self that could need some moving)