Something to do while your waiting (OT)

Just for fun, the orgininal Bards Tale series (3 games) is on sale at the Xbox store for US$15.

This is the 2nd major RPG (after Wizardry) from the 80s, and good fun in the ancient rectangular dungeon crawl genre, an Axer-looter if you will.

The update is interesting, and it has an auto-map feature! Though I think my maps from 1984 might still be good, I’ll let you know…


Just saw that popup on my XB1 as I sit here waiting for Gears of War 4 to download (just caught the end of the free with Gold period).

Did you see that open-world post-apocalypse game set in 1980s Sweden? I’m interested, but I really don’t think I need yet another open world RPG in my life right now!

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That’s why I’m doing Bards Tale,the very definition of bounded world :slight_smile:

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Borderlands team should make a cash option. If you are going to be playing in a server and do not care for any of the loot that raid. Player should be able to opt all picked up loot. Into cash. So no commons or greens need to be sold to the vending machine.

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That, my esteemed Vault Hunting friend, is a brilliant idea.
I’m sure we can all count the hours (or for some, days) of time we’ve spent picking junk up, going to a vendor, selling it off (while being very careful not to sell what we need).

I would love an Autosell all white-green items option.