Something to ponder

Hey Moze fan this is something. Im having a hard time figuring out.when did grenades start only hitting one target? Dont they always do area damage? Wouldnt that make them be considered splash? If so why dont count towards splash damage?

Certain grenades throw out an arc that strikes an enemy within the AoE, as opposed to sending out a nova in all directions at once. The Hex and Quasar, along with regular Tesla grenades, are all examples of this. This difference is apparently labelled internally as “beam” damage, and treated differently for certain challenges. Since the damage is directed, it tends to hit the target harder than getting only a portion of the overall damage from the nova types.

This is also why the last update affected only certain types of grenades in terms of their interactions with Moze’s skills that mention splash damage.

I think the Hex technically doesn’t even hit everything in range, it only hits one specific target. I could be wrong though.

But yeah, the Quasar and Storm Front arc to every enemy in range, so it’s silly to not count them as AoE/splash damage. They literally affect everything in an area.