Something weird with Ghast Call grenade

First of Happy New Year :yum:
Second, I dont know if I am tripping but has anyone noticed that sometimes you might throw one Ghast Call grenade, and then like 20( exaggerating, but definitely way more than normal) of those skulls aggresively seek the target?

They seem to get boosted depending on terror stacks


Happy new year to you too!

Do you happen to have a vindicator version of the grenade? Then it would be normal seeing all those skulls. It depends on the prefix really, vindicators are the best versions.

No. The only thing I notice is that somehow, 80% of the time when I throw a grenade the mob magically knows to do a quick sidestep and my nade goes flying across the room instead of exploding onto the mob. Quite annoying “AI” or whatever “behavior” it is.

All the heck exclusive gear have hidden perks from terror.
Ghast call creates more skulls, the shield controls enemies after a threshold is met, the shotgun shoots extra projectiles and gains a better pattern, and I think the sniper literally just cranked up it’s freezing potential but maybe that was from extra projectiles as well.

On the other hand its also fun when you get an anointed or badass in a swarm on M4 and peg it with so many Ghast Call grenades that it’s buried in a giant green cloud crapping out endless floating skulls that go out and murder everything else in the process.


Yeah, the grenade is amazing when you hit your target. It just sucks losing that initial impact damage if you miss your target.

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I had zero Terror stacks

I had just a regular ol’ Ghast Call

My issue is I have zero Terror stacks

Oh yeahh :ok_hand:t3::sunglasses:

Are you playing moze with the green monster mod on?

Yes. But this “glitch” worked with Amara as well.

Green monster is stranger than the Nighthawkin so now I’m only half confused.
Do they split on contact with an enemy or from the intended spawn point?

Its an annoying AI behavior I like to call “spastic” when they alternate between several animations without going through either of them and generally just jerk around on screen for seconds being absolutely unhittable if you dont go center of mass (and even then its maybe 50:50). The division 2 has made it an art…

When you have an enemy going into cover, out of cover, standing up and turning left only to go back into cover). There is this very creepy lack of innertia or mass allowing them to make full-motion stops and reversals several times in a split second. It becomes really apparent when I m using a shotgun (you know…big spread, lots of damage close quarters) and the guy just…dances through animations right in front of me and half my magazine goes wild just because I m going for headshots?

Yeah…also different to when they are “locked down” in an animation like climbing up or down or burning or whatever…something that makes their movement predictable for 2 seconds or so? Killing stuff is almost too easy then because suddenly enemy AI behaves like it SHOULD.

Anyway, sharing this off-topic story because I have the same problem with grenades in BL3. Due to flight time and parabolic arc you usually have to throw the grenade where the enemy will be at the end, not where it is when you start throwing and these movement corrections or alternations screwed up a LOT of my nades. Especially with the higher difficulty enemies I make sure I m using tracking grenades to avoid wasting them.

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Forget the curve ball Ricky give him the heater. Hyperion makes all your favorite grenades in fastball variations, if they don’t make it it’s not your favorite.

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I have just gotten in the habit of getting closer than I probably should before throwing a nade so I don’t waste it but then you run the risk of damaging yourself with the nade or just getting too close to mobs in general which can be bad and sort of defeats the purpose of nades in the first place.

My one trick to combat this (at least with Amara) is to hit them with a nade as my phasegrasp is ending. They drop to the ground and do a little animation when they hit the ground giving you a small window to throw the nade where you know they will be (and stay) temporarily. It’s not ideal and I haven’t found a lot of other tricks like that so it’s somewhat situational.

weirdest ghast call thing for me was playing Amara, with a roided ghast call and the ghost cloud didn’t despawn, was fighting A9000, and the unlimited grenade helped melt him. it was still floating above the A900’s pit once all was said and done, had to switch to a loaded dice really quick before the ghosts popped Pain and Terror.

it is something that randomly happens. and when you have the double ghast call, so many skulls appear…of course the enemy is toast

the ghast rift never despawned it was there from start of fight to end of fight, even during the Tannis cutscene, and then it popped Pain and Terror at the end and was still floating in the air up till the point I fast travelled away…it was amazing.