Somethings I can never get of my mind

I played a few a matches here and there and I slowly realize my passion for Battleborn can sometimes be a little overboard.
I haven’t played on Consoles for quite awhile since I played 10 men private matches on PC for about a month.

So when I started playin’, I could not bare some of the things that were pure ■■■■■■■■.
Some of them were present since the beta

  • Game drops constantly between 60-40 FPS. (Consoles Only)

  • Spike FPS drops (skipped frames during intense combat) (Consoles Only)

  • Half of the matches were laggy. and when lag begins, good luck trying to move in combat while you’re getting “twitchy” all over the place.

  • To add more to the “laggy” situation. picking a melee char or any char that has projectiles (not hit scan) will make you realize how much they’re weak when even if you shoot straight at enemy you will miss. This happened to me a lot with Beatrix today which I do very well with her on PC.

  • Geometry have no rules what so ever for some characters. Caldarius suffers from that the most which I explained in detail in my youtube channel.

other than that , I don’t see any balance issue’s although I ain’t sure about Boldur.

Well I got that I out my chest, I’m going back to PC now to play some story and OP missions with glorious ULTRA GRAPHICS XD

It will never be fixed now if those things aren’t in the upcoming update. Something tells me it won’t.

It’s time to let go.

The subject has been bleeding to death. It’s over. We can turn around now.

I don’t see this going anywhere good. Closed.