Somethings wrong with my new charchter

ok so i started a new game and this happend?


@aavincam had something sorta similar happen a bit ago.

Must be a super rare glitch of some kind. I’ve been playing this game pretty much since release and never had it happen.

Oh my!

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0 Gauge! She’a a real (model) train wreck…

Yeah had a similar thing happen to me with a axton and siren. No clue how the glitch occurs though. For me I just switched characters too fast or something. That’s what I think causes the glitch.

OMG I hope you were able to save it that way. Go into online play and drive all the kids crazy. Tell them something like: “Kill Pyro Pete the Ultra exactly 42 times, then go through the WEP WITHOUT KILLING ANYTHING but Bloodwing, finally you have to go through Digistruct at OP8 without going into Fight For Your Life. When you talk to Tanis she will give you a secret Head for your character.”


The trolling potential is immense - a perfect response to duping requests!


You know you can farm a secret legendary rocket launcher called the Truxican Drumpf by repeatedly being sacrificed in the Bloodshot Ramparts Marcus Shrine

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Do all the Tanis Side Quests without going into Fight For Your Life and without turning them in, Then do OP1-8 without going into Fight For Your Life. Finally turn in all the Tanis Quests. She will make a comment about hating your face and give you a secret Head.

I could see kiddos spending MONTHS trying to achieve this.


Your eyes deceive you / An illusion fools you off / ANAAAAAAAAARCHYYYYYYYYYYYYY


That would be the best. Man I wish I would’ve thought of the trolling before I switched characters… Get some squekers angry like I do in CSGO. Man hopefully your character stayed that way. The opportunity for laughs is right there!

I’ve had it happen with Krieg and Gaige. Have seen on Steam it happening with Gaige and Axton. And have seen it happen on a facebook group with Gaige and someone else, don’t remember who.
The point is, there is something wrong about loading Gaige after another character being loaded, or loading another character with Gaige already loaded. And it is beautiful.