Sometimes mayhem mods make 0 sense

as the title says, the random elements are sometimes TOO random, I will often get assault rifles and sniper rifles +50%, shotguns, pistols and SMGs -50% AS WELL AS shotguns pistols and SMGs +50% and assault rifles and sniper rifles -50%. stuff like this should NOT be together. if gearbox really wants this they should balance it out by putting some modifiers in category’s so you don’t roll 4 things that add up to: you are playing the game normally. it should be two mods that effect and two mods that effect enemies. this goes both ways so you don’t get a roll that is just r different -50% elemental damage or you don’t get crazy like +50% to shotguns, +25 gun damage + 45% normal bullet damage all in one stack

Meyhem mode is the wrost thing I’ve ever played in a BL game

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mayhem is great! its just need a little fine turning. wolf do you not like 100-500% loot chance? and right now, if you keep quitting/resetting the map you can reset the mods you get and if your lucky you can get up too 95%+ extra damage and you just murder everything, right now I am a speed zane so in total it is crazy town banana pants amounts of extra damage I get,