Son of Crawmerax Question

I’ve finally got round to buying this along with the creature slaughter dome, but I still haven’t actually defeated the original Crawmerax yet (I went to see him at level 50…and as you can imagine, died very rapidly, lol). Is there any reason to wait till I’ve defeated the father (or is it mother?) before taking on the son?

I shouldn’t think so. I never managed to kill Craw in the first game, but I have killed both the normal version and the raid version of Son Of Craw.

None whatsoever.

Excellent, thanks for the replies @VaultHunter101 & @TheRandomGoth. I know what I’m going to be doing tonight then.

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Enjoy- it’s a great fight… :sunglasses:

Definitely had a lot of fun with that, made it through the Normal boss fight reasonably easily, but I still haven’t managed to solo the raid version yet, got him down to about 20% health but that was it. It probably didn’t help that I have quite a bit of under levelled gear, going to try and remedy that today. Although given what my luck has been like with loot drops lately (59 WEP loot midgets in a row with nothing but around 20 E-Tech relics to show for it), I’m going to be trying for a while.