Son of Crawmerax vs. Twisted Pimp Maya

Yesterday I fought SoC for the first time at OP levels (raid boss version). I wonder whether he can be one-shot like Bunker or Saturn using a Pimpernel. He has several hitboxes so I guess it may be possible. Did anybody manage it and is willing to share his/her experience (sweetspots, etc.)?

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As far as I know… It’s not possible to one-shot him, because he has to go through all his phases. I found this clip from Joltzdude139. My guess is that if there was a way to one-shot Craw… Joltz would have done a video on it! :wink:

Yeah not possible, if it was zero would also be one shot b0re shoting him. Its not multiple hit boxes that let these skills do crazy damage, its overlapping hitboxes.

Thanks for clearing this up.

The other problem with doing it with Maya: does SoC have phaselockeable minions in his first phase? I haven’t fought him in a while so memory fails me. Maya one-shots depend on having a phaselockable enemy present.

Once the minions appear someone could obviously phaselock a minion for CR hilarity, a la Bunker and Saturn one-shots, but if his first phase is just him then the whole CR-abuse method is unworkable.

Minions spawn in the second phase of the fight so that prerequisite is given. But the raid boss version is a mountain of health so I´m quite sure it can´t be done legit. There´s actually a YT video out there showing a one-shot kill. But it´s the story mission SoC being killed which is a lot easier, it´s done by weapon swapping (Pimpernel - Ahab) and with obviously modded gear.