Song That I Wrote

So guys, I want to start my own Black Metal band, so I have been doing a bit of song writing. During my research for good topics on which to base a song, I came upon the Black Death outbreak. I haven’t really seen any songs based on this (only the band 1349, and they were named after the year that the Plague hit their home country, which escapes me at this point in time) so I thought “screw it” and came up with this.

It’s basically about what would happen if the Black Death never stopped when it reached England, and what people genuinely believed back then.

So without further ado, here it is:

(Intro Start)
“At length it came to Gloucester, yea even to Oxford and to London, and finally it spread over all England and so wasted the people that scarce the tenth person of any sort was left alive…” (spoken)

A sweeping darkness fell upon the crown,
Doomed as a forgotten relic until it was found
The tale of the inhabitants is a dark and morbid ride,
Don’t tell it to your children, for they’ll run and hide!
(Intro End)

(Verse I)
Swiftly moving across the European waters, it was soon to hit England’s quarters
The disease, this horrific Plague,
Will ravage as if war is waged
Coming across on ships from the East,
No one could see the fate that they’d meet
For this was a destructive curse upon a fair place
Moving, invisible, with such a haste!

(Verse II)

Once upon a time, sailors and soldiers
Did make this their homes
Upon the shores of this great island
But now they’re all bones

Shattered Earth, a Hell turned inside-out
Corpses, death and plight upon the horizon
What horrific tragedies
Took place before now?

“The Plaguewielder appeared before me”
One sole survivor did say
“Before taking my children before my eyes, his face full of glee!
He destroyed the isle and everyone on it
Once it was great, it is now just a horror
A macabre melody of unsight and ■■■■!”

(Verse III)
The people fell under his curse
With no help coming
It had gotten worse and worse
Until one day there was simply nothing left

Of its inhabitants, the isle still floats
A seemingly peaceful place with a terrible history

However, upon a cold winter’s night
Screams can be heard
Emanating from the floating fortress
After which, visions of denizens past

Appear with their faces aghast!


As for creativity, I think it belongs here:

Anyway, reminds me of when I did wrote lyrics myself. But mostly stick to poetry.

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Ah, ok, that clears that up! I couldn’t remember where they were from.

And yeah, if someone could move it for me I’d be happy!