Soo is the pre sequal not cannon anymore?

wondering if the event of the presequal are no longer cannon none of the ending match up or play in at all the bl3 story we don’t get a follow up with that red alien. no Athena in it at all the char line from the dlcs that take place after don’t add up like in the claptrap dlc gage sed she found hammerlocks sister and was bringing her in but in bl 3 she act like she never meet them and is a bad guy. and I cant figer out the time line at all now. so what the deal was pre sequal now inored no longer cannon or if it is cannon how. how dose it fit in story wise.


i thought i was the only one the writing is terrible


we don’t get a follow up with that red alien.

The red alien seems to be the convenient plot device/deus ex machina to either move the story along or to throw enough vague stuff to hint at sequels.

no Athena in it at all

My best guess is that Athena has finally settled down, at the insistence of Janey Springs, and so won’t be vault hunting for now. This is hinted at in “Tales from the Borderlands.”

As for Aurelia, she was working with the bad guys in the PreSequel, so it’s no surprise that she’s acting like a bad guy now. Axton and Gaige did meet with her, but it’s not clear whether they actually brought her in to Pandora or not.

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My personal issue is that doesn’t make much sense. I agree it’s a deus ex machina, but the purpose of it is to reinforce the need for “more vault hunters” by saving a vault hunter, the implication being that vault hunter will be important to come. Tales implies a settling down, but it also implies the exact opposite. The running schtick is “I’m leaving the life wink

If I had to post a guess , I’d speculate the “war to come” was not in fact related to the COV but something that comes after, as the proving grounds has a direct link to this, with multiple quotes their mentioning the fact that the vault’s attempted opening has set a chain of events in place, and is not a conclusion.


More like “The TEASE-Sequel”, am I right?



Athena never could stay away from the merc life for very long, much to Janey’s chagrin. Initially, Athena is shown to be hesitant to “settling down.” It’s not until after she’s captured by Brick and Mordy and Janey’s determination to track her down (along with Athena thanking Rhys/Fiona for salvaging their relationship), though, that she seriously starts to quit vault hunting. The exact opposite is not implied at all, and Athena hardly ever seems to be the one to act coy.

As for the “war to come,” it’s quite possible it’s not with the COV. That doesn’t mean that the PreSequel is in anyway invalidated.


I’m like 99% sure that the War to come that the Watcher hinted at in Pre-Sequels ending was not a tease for Borderlands 3, but a tease for a future game in the series, probably Borderlands 4, but it could even be a tease for 5 or 6 for all we know. It doesn’t make sense for the war that he was referring to to be the war in Borderlands 3, since half the vault hunters aren’t even in the game, and since the Watcher himself doesn’t show up in Borderlands 3.

I do find it strange that they made Aurelia a villain though. Not only does it go directly against the reveal trailer for Borderlands 3, which had a scene with Wainright Jakobs, Alistair Hammerlock, and Aurelia Hammerlock all standing together, presumably on good terms with one another; but it also goes against the storyline from that Pre-Sequel DLC, where Axton and Gaige found Aurelia on Epitah and were going to capture and kill her under Lilith’s orders, only for Lilith to call off the execution after the Watcher stopped Athena’s execution. Lilith then gave them new orders to bring Aurelia back to Sanctuary instead, to recruit her as an ally in the upcoming war. But instead of that, the Borderlands 3 writer makes her a villain instead? Strange indeed.


It was made by 2k Australia, not gearbox. So no, it is probably not cannon


It was developed by 2K Australia with oversight by Gearbox. Borderlands 2 writer, Anthony Burch, co-wrote the story for Pre-Sequel alongside 2K Australia’s writing team. Pre-Sequel is confirmed canon.


writers better hide. I will kill them for writing off my favorite girl. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I started to like Aurelia by the end of TPS, but let’s be honest, can anyone say that her giving in to greed AND spiting her brother is outside her character?


Still, it’s pretty lame to have that eridian alien(?) at the end of presequel and not even touch on it in the base game of BL3. What a huge oversight, with no explanation even in the last dlc from BL2. In my opinion there’s more potential there than for DLC.

But yeah the main ending in general was a let down.


I’m pretty angry annoyed about that myself.


I found it really odd that bl3 felt more like a dlc thin a main game lol still fun but it did seem lacking story line.
What about the so called great war that was hinted at by the watcher .If bl3 was it thin it was a huge let down im hoping bl4 is the great war.

Also one thing i didnt like about bl3 was the lack of side quest that let u get to know more about chs like in bl2 u got to do a lot and npc talked to u alot in that and from that u got to understand them better from it.Bl3 just felt rushed


Not entirely sure myself here, but I recall hearing somewhere that the writing team for 3 didn’t have the same main guys who worked on 1 and 2, who I’m pretty sure were the ones that oversaw what went into TPS. It’s pretty evident just looking at some of the writing decisions and the way the pacing is all over the place.

That was my first comment when the ending was happening, like did Lilith blow up Elpis, and if so, what about all those people living on that lunar colony?

The main guy is Mikey Neumann and he had been having health issues for a while.

He was the lead writer for Borderlands working with Paul Hellquist and also did the origin comics (I think).

They brought in Anthony Burch to write for borderlands 2 (Neumann was getting I’ll and had a stroke) after his writing on destructoid & hey Ash whatcha playing YouTube series caught some eyes.

He came back for Borderlands 3 as head of creative but stepped away again in 2017 due to his health.

The moon is still there, it just has the fire hawk tattooed on it’s face now. Elpis was run by Hyperion so who knows what happened to it after Jack’s fall.

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I am playing Borderlands 3 in honour of dearly departed Gearbox Australia, who all got sacked after the PreSequel.


idk there must be a reason for athena,axton,salvador,gaige and krieg to be missing from borderlands 3 all of them vault hunters maybe they are dead ? the war happened between borderlands 2 and borderlands 3 ?

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My guess is that sticking them into tye story wouldnt have done mich after all, they arr…practically normal compared to maya and zero

Re: Gaige/Axton/Aurelia - from the brief dialogue in the Holodome DLC, I got the impression that Gaige & Axton bringing Aurelia in was not unlike Brick & Mordy bringing Athena in. IOW an unpleasant experience and not voluntary on Aurelia’s part. (She was probably also dreading bumping into her brother and having to explain working for Jack…) So I’m not overly surprised at this.