Soo the other map on incursion is terrible and we need a new one

Been playing since beta and don’t even know it’s name.
No one plays it and no one wants to play it.
Delete and make a new one clearly your numbers can show no one plays it or wants to play it.

Why would you want to get rid of Overgrowth? I mean, I know Montana and Attikus get caught on some of the corners, but I don’t think it’s that bad.


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Why would you want to get rid of Overgrowth? I mean, I know Montana and Attikus get caught on some of the corners, but I don’t think it’s that bad.


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Oh! You meant Echelon! You didn’t give a name, and you said you’d played since Beta. I assumed you meant the one you played DURING beta.

What’s wrong with Echelon?

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I like echelon more honestly. Has some really good spots for teams fight sand I like the idea of fighting on that bridge and under it.


I really like the map but I think there are 3 problems with echelon (all linked)

  • The lack of crystals : On overgrowth there are 3 mid crystals and 2 for each side = 7 Crystals… on Echelon there is only one crystal
    They should at least add 2 more crystals for each sides

  • Turrets not builded : We already have near to no crystals on the map and we have to also build turrets because they are not builded when the game start
    They should be builded from the start

  • Only 9 loadouts : As we have only 9 loadouts i can’t make enough loadouts, for the moment have one for Ambra, Alani, Caldarius, Deande, Ghalt, Orendi, Reyna, Thorn and for Whiskey… Because of that i can’t play Capture, Echelon (or other character) because i can’t make a low cost loadouts for each of them
    We should have the possibility to make 3 loadouts for each character (or at least 2)


My problem with Echelon is that is favors melee characters too much and there aren’t enough of those big shards. Its also too open for both sides and its a lot easier to get on your opponents side. Its also just an ugly stage lol the lighting is terrible.

I’m in the minority of liking Echelon.

It does suffer from shard starving though. Hard to turn any gear on when you’re scrounging for shards just to build turrets/robos most of the time.

Echelon allows you to be way sneaker though with flanking which can lead to great plays.

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I like Echelon, but it’s one of the two or three maps that has utterly unplayable performance for many AMD users. That’s a big reason a lot of people will never vote for it.

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I would say it favors ranged characters more than melee, at least in the mid. For example there are a lot of open lines of sight that allow you to shoot the main bridge from multiple spots a safe distance away.

Either way I think it is a nice change from Overgrowth. No need to remove it like the OP suggested (not that they would). More maps are coming!

Great points, especially the shard thing I noticed. As someone like Attikus you desperately need to farm up a little bit but you have no choice unless you let the sentry get beat up while you go look for them to respawn. I don’t know why there are so few crystals.

I personally like Echelon very much, it just isn’t as good as Overgrowth. And naturally when people have to choose from a map pool that includes one good map and one very good map, people will choose the very good map. Echelon isn’t bad, it’s just that people like Overgrowth more and that’s why it always wins.

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Well, I’m in between them. I can easily see the pros and cons for both. That said, I like Echelon more due to the lack of sniper/camper nest.

Now that somebody mentioned Echolon’s lack of crystals I’m really feeling it now. I Want more shards oO

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Echelon is a good map. Its just that most people refuse to try it, so they don’t know it, and then when they play it they get mad that they don’t know it.

Give the damn thing a chance and you’ll realize that its on the level with Overgrowth. I actually prefer it sometimes because of the corridors, which add a different dynamic than Overgrowth’s open spaces.

It’s nowhere near the same level as overgrowth.
No shards way to spaced out melee is rendered useless it blows it’s a poorly designed map

I love Echelon as El Dragon. Clotheslining in is so easy on those nice open long pathways that creeps follow.

Also, there are SO MANY side paths to be sneaky with, how can you not like it with melee? I come up behind oblivious people so often as Rath and just Smash and Ult their entire backline(which sometimes works and sometimes not depending on my teammates heh).

You have to learn the map and use ALL the paths to it’s full potential, not just derp your way down middle lane all game.

The only thing I dislike about echelon is that the first sentry is on the low ground, giving the attackers the advantage (skills, especially aoe, are way easier to hit from the highground). This makes it so that the defending team is often pushed back into base making the games one-sided too often.

Oh, El Dragon loooves that map!

Personally, I vote for Echelon more than Overgrowth…

I don’t have to babysit my sentry all game watching for jerks “back dooring” with glitch spots…


I’m with you on that, its really hard to close the gap on that map

I agree. I have only played it twice since, even though I vote for it almost every time to attempt to break up the monotony of Overgrowth, no else does, but both times I did feel like ranged had some pretty good lines of sight to exploit to make it hard on me as melee. With Overgrowth I feel there are more sharp corners I can use for cover and spring out from.

Of course, I will grant my lack of familiarity with the map did not help, and the team I was on probably did me no favours, either, as we spent both matches on our heels and ceded the middle area the whole time.

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