Iron Bear ever going to be useful again?

I came back to Borderlands 3 after about three months off, and when I left there had been some adjustments to make Iron Bear viable in the old Mayhem system.

But now I’ve been playing a few weeks at Mayhem 10 under the new system, I have yet to find a viable build that makes Iron Bear useful. Mind you, I have an extensive collection of legendary mods of all kinds for Moze, so I can try lots of configurations. But any build that pumps points into the Iron Bear skill tree are always better spent elsewhere. Always.

It’s ridiculous. I have been tearing through Mayhem 10 without hardly ever using the featured skill of Moze. I use Iron Bear as an escape hatch if it looks like I’ve going to die, and that’s it. I hate to complain, but jumping into Iron Bear should make my character stronger, not weaker. I hope there’s some fix for this soon.


Iron bear is useful you jump out of it and forget it exist to proc overpowered anoints this game is based around now.

I dont even use my clone anymore itsa thing to blow up to get zane ase.


Phase 2 focuses on feedback concerning character balance and build diversity. The goal of this phase is to give players the ability to create viable builds using their Vault Hunter’s signature Action Skills that simply didn’t deliver enough power in the past. We are building a foundation from which the community can create new builds centered around gear or Action Skills.

In this phase, we will scale non-weapon sources of damage with Mayhem Levels. This will scale Action Skill damage (including pets and Iron Bear), Melee/Slam/Slide Damage, and Vehicle Damage.

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Thanks for the info. I love using Iron Bear. I look forward to doing so again. Cheers.

After yesterday’s buffs to 8 (!) SMGs I’ve got a very bad feeling about GBX buffing the action skills. I’m predicting 2, maybe 3, skills for each VH, and they’ll call it a day (patch).


fixed > new cap > broken cycle

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I don’t believe the developers fully thought through how the Iron Bear would work as a character skill. It is fundamentally a strange way to try to implement a mech or power suit in this sort of game and it shows in how awfully it’s been implemented.
I wouldn’t expect any major changes to the skill stats or changes to how it works. The best you can probably hope for is a series of pendulum buffs and nerfs until Iron Bear is the most uninteresting of the game’s skills. I think it’s terrible because if they had implemented it differently, like perhaps the Iron Bear is always active until some% of health drops, after which you must abandon it; or the opposite where you fight independently from the mech until your health drops to a certain %, then the mech engages to help you. (Maybe sacrificing the players ability to trigger the mech at anytime.) That it might have been a very interesting gameplay mechanic. Unfortunately that’s not what we got.

Magic 8 Ball says “Outlook not good”

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@elturel I’d be surprised if they buff the builds that actually need it. They will just improve the same skills they always improve. Zane hitman tree is the only one that sees any damage buffs (because why would we want to use a com other than seeing dead with drone… Just run around like crazy… Screw tactics)… Fl4k they will focus on hunter skills (cause why would you want a beast master to have useable beasts), Moze they will further up grenade and explosive builds (cause who needs a giant mech on a mech soldier). And amara will just be phase grasping the floor some more… (Cause who wants a brawling siren to be able to melee anything)… You know build diversity means everyone funneled I to the same build… There are a diverse group of people that are all forced to play the same… (You know like a diverse number of guns in the game but only 8 are useful)


Mozes action skill is Some for the Road. Iron Bear is just a thing you have to do to active your action skills (Some for the Road)

Darn, I thought the action skill was hopping in and out of iron bear like a rabbit :man_shrugging:

IB was broken after the level cap increases but fixed with the Moze hotfixes but then broken with Mayhem 2.0 but will be fixed with the Phase 2 patch but then will be broken with the next hotfix and fixed with DLC4 and then broken again. It’s the Gearbox patented “Moze Cycle of Life” to keep you coming back to BL3! AKA Stockholm Syndrome.


The problem I have with GBX’s statement on this, is that they KNOW the best way to play Moze currently, is to pretend she doesn’t even have an action skill.

Iron Bear’s animation, and exit are far too long, with zero effect on the state of the map currently, to be useful.

They then went out and gutted the 300/90 anoint, AND the Yellowcake + Kaoson, the guns that Splash Moze builds were using to get by with.

They are willingly, knowingly, letting players that they acknowledge end up sticking with a single Vault Hunter, play at a diminished capacity, relative to the other Vault Hunters. While Fl4k’s pets aren’t great, and damage from Amara’s slam and cast aren’t scaling, those action skills don’t have the time investment that Iron Bear does, and the pets haven’t had a significant impact on the game state since the introduction of the old Mayhem 4. Keep in mind, that Amara still has a perfectly functional action skill in Phasegrasp, fl4k has 3, and Zane has 2.

Moze has zero.

I understand that it’s probably easier to scale pet and vehicles at the same time as Iron Bear, the fact that Moze is in such a rough place, and then further gutted by the first balance patch, is leaving me highly skeptical that the second balance patch is actually going to balance the character.

It’s frustrating, and it makes me just not want to play at all. I have one of each VH at 57. I have enough gear I could kit out another one of the VH’s to play at least M8. But, I don’t enjoy them as much.

I stopped playing moze after M4 was introduced, and played Zane for a while, because I was frustrated with where Moze was. I’m not really interested in doing that again. The amount of time and effort that it takes to get the anoints perfect for one character is about all the time investment I have for the game. Bouncing back and forth just isn’t fun.


I harken to the call of iron bear chat!
I just finished playing 2 slaughterhouses and the maliwan takedown with no mayhem. NO MAYHEM. Using drop only weapons.

It was fun as hell. Sure, you pretty much oneshot everything, but there is still aplenty of enemies to kill anyway, and i even got downed a few times. I’d recommend doing this to anyone who misses iron bear’s power.

So in phase 2, skills will get reworked for mayhem, huh? well i sure hope so. Until then im gonna stay out of mayhem unless GB forces some overpowered legendaries with fun effects into mayhem 6 only loot.

If you’re having fun with it, then don’t even go back for the OP Legendaries.

They’ll just nerf them in 30-60 days, anyway. (cough cough sandhawk, cough cough Kaoson)

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lmao yeah, same as i was thinking.
Right now my biggest hopes for my future in BL3, is waiting for some friend to buy it and join him in coop thorugh the story. 'Cause in this endgame i dont really have much to do as moze. (hah, remember the BL3 teasers? “BIGGEST AND BETTER ENDGAME YET!” Must be when all DLC are released and gearbox closes shop to make Battleborn 2)

It would be cool if we could summon an entire Army of Iron Bears, just for the insanity

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the guy im waiting for to get BL3 and coop is gonna be moze too (thanks to some positivie reinforcements from me), 2 iron bears is gonna be hilariously broken through the story. Plus i will get to use the iron bear turret of someone else, finally!

Yup. I noticed that at times Iron Bear was usable when Mayhem 4 (old system) if you used the right build. Now it’s not again. On and off, on and off, it’s a little bit annoying.

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only if ib actually shoot our guns