Sooo... That's the final Dlc?

This is definatley a fan/community question… Is it just me or do other people feel that the 4th and final dlc installment, and one starring one of the most iconic and loved characters of the franchise was just completely given up on by Gearbox? I was excited for the Kreig comeback, the Maya reunion, to learn about why Kreig is the way he is… And BAM! Finish it in a few short hours without ever wanting to play it again… I feel like I just got robbed. Is it just me?


Yes it is just you.

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From what I read in this forum, and in other places, the community is split between your opinion, and the opinion that the DLC is great.
I’m with you in this one, the DLC has some really good things, but I feel that the bad things overshadow a bit the good things for me. Maybe I overhyped it or I set my expectations a bit high seeing the potential of the DLC, that’s my fault, but, oh well.

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I was wondering the same thing, if i had too high of expectations. But man, it just was so short and seemed unfinished.

The story was bad, in that it literally undid his past and did nothing to satisfy the whole Maya/Krieg interaction/death revelation we were all looking forward to from the moment Ava started yelling at Lilith, not to mention teasing the origin story but giving us nothing meaty, but the levels were good and I like the enemies.
New guns are good, from what I’ve seen, but drop rates kinda suck. 2 Bloodborne references ftw, tho.

Compare to previous DLCs, yes this final one seems short. But I’m ok with short and sweet DLCs, as long as LOOT actually freaking drops…

you can’t possibly tell me on M10, DLC 4 bosses drops 0-1 legendary 95% of the time is normal…
good luck trying to get the specific annoint LOL