Sooo um Rockets Launchin' Rockets

So I literally just found out how to use the right lvl 10 helix and I know benny isn’t the topic anymore but has anyone used this in Pvp? If so is it a viable choice, I think it looks cool but I’ve only ever used the 100% radius.

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It’s literally the worst. Try it out if you want, but it’s not worth picking.

I go for the mutation that leaves an AoE.

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Yeah I tried it and I don’t really see how it works honestly lmao I think it shoots like 4 I can never really tell but I have to activates from afar and idk it seems more of a fun typa thing whereas the other too are far better which I obviously know but I just never cared for the smaller rockets just cause I didn’t figure out how to use them til now lmao

I do too in meltdown or incursion matches, but mostly aoe radius cause I hardly use it and I do towards groups or just as a finisher and I always fight up close not from afar with Benny I use his quick melee a lot. I was just curious about maybe how much dmg the smaller rockets do or how viable it can be, and not in comparison to the others just solely curious about rockets launchin rockets

The damage from the mini-rockets is OKAY, but nothing to write home about. It’s also EXTREMELY situational, requiring an open line of sight from far away to deal an acceptable amount of damage over Scorched Earth (or whatever the AOE mutation is called). Boomsday itself is extremely situational without the mutation, being mostly useful as a finisher against a fleeing enemy Battleborn, or an occasional minion wave clear.

Also, Rockets Launchin’ Rockets seems like a call-back to Battle Tanx: Global Assault’s guided missle. Anyone else remember that game?

Yeah I’ve toyed with it a bit in Ops and it’s honestly just fun like his divebomb, its cool, but obviously the other two are his better choices. It really is the situational type but it does make for a change in the way that I ignore the divebomb less and try to get kills with it or try to kill with ED’s bicycle kick. Just an amusing yet situational alternative I guess

Pretty much, yeah; good comparison to Divebomb: fun, but situational and an inferior helix choice. But, hey; if you enjoy it, that makes it worth it. Take Toby’s Self Destruct Sequence; it’s an inferior choice to Riding The Rail and Heartpiercer, but some of my favorite matches involved me using it.

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Precisely. It’s just that one alternative you can turn to use to make things fun instead of the same ol thing which in this case is why i’m curious about it aos. I use toby a lot too and go kamikaze with him on face off.