Soooo... anyone else having fun not being able to play BL2 on Steam right now?

0 byte update queued over and over, Scarlet and Torgue DLCs have vanished, can’t launch game at all. Fun!

Lots of people on the Steam forums having the same issue. Looks like something got botched on Steams end. Nothing to do with Gearbox.

(edit: just backed up my character save files… just in case!)

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Same. Redownloaded every DLC and still no Scarlett or Torgue

It happened to me, too. The game took my Pimpernels out of my weapon slots and now they show up red and the heading changed from “Level Requirement: 72” to “Requires Pirate’s Booty”. Validating the integrity of the game cache did not fix the problem.

Edit: First time validating the cache downloaded 9MB and nothing was fixed. Now it is downloading 1.3GB.

I can’t even get in game (same with many others). I try to launch the game and it quits out saying it can’t launch because content is still encrypted (I’m assuming this “encrypted content” are the screwed up DLCs.)

This from one Steam forum post:
Reposting from another thread to save people some redownloading:

It’s a change on the Steam backend causing some oddly configured DLC depots to get dropped from the base app. This is not caused by the devs, so please do not blame them.

Redownloading will not help, because the information necessary to download and unlock the DLC files has temporarily been removed.

Other potentially affected games (check their SteamDB depots page for the “hasdepotsindlc” key at the bottom):

For what it’s worth. Basically problems at Steam - probably working on it.

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Huh, well, something is actually downloading now (1.3GB update). I’ve been watching this page:


Well. all seems well now. Game launches, can get to the DLCs. I wonder what was changed (if anything…) I see nothing on the hotfix/update pages. (Just curious why someone at Valve was apparently mucking around!)

(Edit: nothing, indeed someone at Steam made a boo-boo that affected the DLC of several games as referenced in the post Jefe quoted. Dammit, I was so psyched when I got home and loaded Steam up to see a Borderlands 2 update in queue!)

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Crisis Averted! :+1::boom:

Yeah I am having the same issue…

if it makes y’all feel better, someone stole my steam account and I can’t get it back since I don’t remember the card I used the ONLY time i used a card on steam. and it won’t give me ANY other recovery options since the guy changed the email and steam decided their not doing support tickets anymore.

Hey @Rumplebunny , Steam just now responded to my support ticket! :joy:

Needless to say I closed it.

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I think I’m still getting this issue. just to be clear on what is happening, I try and launch bl2 and the launcher pops up saying “initialization error. please ensure the game files have not been corrupted or moved.” but I haven’t done anything to my files. I have tried to “verify integrity of game cache” multiple times. Is this the same thing? also, how do I fix it.

Restart steam. Word for me, I get it from time to time.

I tried restarting steam, and its still not working

EDIT: I tried a couple more times and it worked, thank you