Soooo, is there anything new?

for weeks i havent heared anything
is the game now dead?
cuz even though dlc 6 is still coming, im fairly sure no word whatsoever within weeks is a bad sign

or did they say something cool is coming?


This game is dead, at least until the Valentine’s event or the next DLC has dropped.


tried to play game today but only for like 5 mins before getting bored of it after not playing for month or more i think but yeah dont plan on playing until i see new content drop see if its actually decent enough for me to get season pass 2.


I de-installed the game on October 19, 2020 after playing through the disappointing Halloween event. Since then I have played a little BL2 and a smattering of other games, some new (for me), some old. I just can’t bring myself to load up BL3 again.

This game began to die for me when I heard they fired the original Claptrap voice. Then my heart sank when they changed the startup music and sound effects for the logos. The Gearbox logo used to be so badass. Now it sounds like a midget “kitty cat”. And 2K’s used to be cool, too. Now it is just corporate generic. So disappointing. Then I heard they got all PC regarding the names of enemies, changing midgets to tinks and such. Borderlands used to be edgy, with biting, sarcastic humor (sometimes subtle, sometimes in your face). Now it is just… lackluster. I did not particularly care about the whole Epic vs Steam debacle, because I had no intention of buying the game at full price right out of the gate anyways (I have been playing games for too long to fall for all the marketing hype of a new release).

But when I finally got the deluxe version at half price on Steam this spring, I was excited to play. I had a great time until I met the Calypso Twins and saw how easy it was for them to take Lilith’s powers. Then the whole sad, pathetic, nauseating and aggravating train wreck of a plot line and characterization around Ava/Maya/Lilith. I dutifully played through to the end, enjoying the one bright spot of Typhon Deleon, until of course they killed him off.

DLC1 was great and almost made me forget how much I hated Ava. DLC2 was almost as good as DLC1 but for the stupid Empowered Scholar. But I otherwise thought the campaign was well crafted. DLC3 was a great, boring disappointment. They should have used existing characters (Clay, Marcus, Wainwright, etc.) to narrate and drive the story instead of “trying something new”. I have yet to finish it. DLC4 I never even started because I hate the concept of playing in someone else’s mind. They did that with Claptrap and I only played it because there was no other content for TPS. I would far rather that they made another Bunkers & Badasses than another Craptastic Adventure (sorry, Fustercluck).

In short, BL3 is currently in a coma for me and I am waiting to see if it ever wakes up. But I do not have high hopes and have already moved on and started relationships with other games.

But I digress… The question was whether or not GBX had made any announcements.

Other than haunting this forum, I don’t really do social media, so I have no clue what is up. My expectations have dropped down to near zero with regards to GBX making any significant improvements/corrections/fixes or adding anything new that I care about. Once the dust settles on whatever they are releasing for DLC6, I plan to fire it up again and see if I can have fun with a few playthroughs, but I am not in any hurry.


I kinda hope that the directors cut is a recut of the base game with
Changed story
Changed characters
Changed balancing
Changed endgame
More stuff to mix it up

Basically a new game + but rly different with noticable differences
Where it doesn’t have mayhem. Instead it has its own difficulty
No mayhem
No wears mods
Just a different thing all together

That would make me maybe go back

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GB dropped the ball. Not a big surprise there. I was hoping for at least something from them like a patch or a update or something for us to do or look at. Or even a new vault hunter but GB smashed that dream.

Even then, the game will be dead